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We only Get whatever we Earn Nothing More or Less

Query: We only get whatever we earn: I've prayed for the right person to come to my life. My boyfriend died. I dated a guy and he broke my heart. I feel so lonely and sad. I think i need to be loved by a person.. does god answer those Prayers?

Vijay Kumar:
We only get whatever we earn... nothing more or less! If we suffer at the hands of God then it does not mean that God has forced us to the sufferings. If we feel the pain it is only because of our deeds in the past. If we are happy it is also the result of our Karma (the sum total of the deeds performed by us).

You need to understand the basic crux of life... life always goes on... it never waits for anyone... we are supposed to work for something we really desire in life. Mere desiring shall never help... we shall only earn what we sow! We need to perform Karma according to our desires.

I shall present an example that shall clarify your doubts-

When my younger daughter was quite young... the sooner she returned from school she would before taking her lunch give out all the jokes she had learnt for the day! For her they were mere jokes... To laugh and live! For me they carried a greater meaning to life!

There used to be a priest who believed in God to the utmost. He prayed and practiced everything in the name of God. His faith in the God was unwavering.

One day it so happened that the village in which he lived was deluded with mighty rains that converted into a massive flood. As the floodwaters encircled the house of the priest... he seemed to be the least concerned. In spite of the fact the whole village was getting emptied on utmost priority... he was at complete ease!

Sooner the floodwaters began to rise and reached the top of the first story of the house. He observed that a log floated by... he could have swum to safety clinging on to the log but he felt there was nothing to be worried about. All this in spite of the fact that the priest did not know how to swim!

After some more time when the floodwaters reached the danger mark... a boat passed by and the occupants of the boat insisted upon him to take a seat but he refused. He had unfaltering faith in God and did not worry.

Finally the floodwaters reached the top of his house... if he did not make an escape right now... he would be drowned. and as luck would have it there came a helicopter and the pilot insisted upon him to catch the ladder thrown by him but he refused and drowned.

When he reached the gates of Heaven and was presented in front of God, he enquired of him that in his lifetime he never failed to Pray to God! Never committed a sin yet God did not help him when he needed him most and he died.

God replied... my dear son whom do you think it was who sent the log, then the boat and finally the helicopter!

And those who pray for the lifetime keep on waiting and get drowned for God never comes himself to protect those who dearly love him. His ways and means can never be challenged. It is only up to us to recognize and take the lead. Mere praying never helps... if it was so none would be required to work (perform our Karma). All would just sit down every day and pray. Pray day and night and do nothing else.

Along with Prayers we are supposed to perform our Karma. If our deeds are pious in nature then we can expect the answering of our Prayers. If we commit sins... we can never hope to reach the garden of Heaven.

If you really feel that the boy of your liking is present somewhere... you need to work for it! Continue carrying out your Karma in daily life with full energy and zeal. Simultaneously pray to God so that you are able to achieve the goal of your life... a suitable life partner. You shall definitely have one provided your Karma does not fail you.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I've prayed for the right person to come in to my life. 3 1/2 years ago my boyfriend died. 2 months ago I dated a guy and he broke my heart. I feel so lonely and sad. I think i need to be loved by a person.. does god answer those Prayers?

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