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Query: If everything happens according to God then why we commit sins. Why previous birth Karma influence us... Is it punishment given by "Yama". Out of Advaita of Adi Shankaracharya, Vishist advaita propogated by Sri Ramanuajacharya and Dvaita by Madhavacharya... Which is correct? How to practice Karma Yoga? Can we control Karma?

Vijay Kumar:
Who says that "every happening in the Cosmos ... on the Mother Earth is a wish ... a creation of God. True, everything exists in the Cosmos because someone has created it ... we may call it Brahma, Brahman (not Brahmin), Karta, Parmatman or God Almighty. We may even consider the whole Cosmos to be beginning less ... that also is a truth. When God created the whole Cosmos ... he created a self-propelling system ... he never interferes in the working of the cosmos ... he is a mere Dhrishta (an onlooker). Once the Cosmos has been created ... until the dissolution of cosmos occurs (pralaya as the call it in Hinduism) ... everything moves in the Cosmos as per the guidelines fixed by God ... none can change or mould the cosmic rules.

And what are these cosmic rules ... they are the fundamentals on which survives the whole humanity ... the whole system of the cosmos ... the life of every living being right from an insect to a human being. Soon after the occurrence of the Big Bang ... all atmans souls get scattered all over the Cosmos. These Atmans while traveling accumulate dross within themselves. As they proceed on cosmic journey ... they can purify and come back to their original pure pristine form only by passing through the cycle of various manifestations. Starting as an amoeba (a single cell formation) ... Atman (soul within) subsequently evolves into insect life, then plant, animal and finally as a human being. This process of evolution is gradual... it takes a total of 8.4 million manifestations and a total journey of 96.4 million years before atman the soul within gets purified ... liberate forever from the cycle of birth and death ... the form of the human being thus attaining the level of Moksha Salvation.

During the process of evolution ... to remove the dross within ... every living being has to carry out its Karma. It is process of Karma in which sometimes we face happiness and at other times we suffer. The suffering and the happiness are two sides of the same coin. They go side by side. If the sufferings did not exist ... how could we have measured happiness ... remaining in one state all the time ... it would be difficult to bear with the monotonous life ... even if it was happiness throughout. As in our normal lives we sometimes face the sun and at other times we enjoy the cool breeze ... similarly in the process of evolution ... we have to face the sufferings and also the happiness.

It is a totally different matter that during summers we enjoy the cool breeze and shun the sun ... whereas in winters we enjoy the sun and do not totally discard the breeze! For some people likewise a cause may result in a suffering ... whereas for the other it may be a means to happiness.

Whether we suffer more or enjoy more of happiness is solely dependent upon the residual Karma of our past lives and the present life. If we continue doing Punya Karma then there is no reason that God shall bless us with happiness throughout ... if we indulge in papa Karma ... insurmountable sufferings await us. In the cosmic system ... in the Spiritual realm ... it is not like in mathematics that two plus two is equal to four ... in the cosmic system two plus two is equal to four but the result of Karma performed in this life may not bear fruit in the present life ... it is possible that for the Karma done in this life we may reap the fruits four manifestations ahead.

Similarly, whatever our destiny has in hold for us ... we never know that Karma of which of our previous lives may bear fruits in this life ... if it is Punya Karma then we shall get happiness ... if for some reason it is papa Karma ... then we are bound to suffer in this life because of the deeds of the earlier life. None has control over this feature of the cosmos ... we cannot continue to blame the circumstances or the God for whatever we suffer in this life ... it has to be the result of deeds performed in the earlier lives. It was our doing ... God has got nothing to do with it.

President Bush is stated to be (by American themselves ... all newspapers and magazines compound this fact) an incompetent and an ignorant man ... yet, he is the president of the superpower number one of the world ... it just cannot be that the deeds of his present life has brought him to this stage ... it has got to do with the Punya Karma he must have accumulated in the past lives ... and which are now bearing fruit. We have many times observed that some people ... from the day they are born continue to indulge in wanton desires, papa Karma and still, they live a life of happiness ... we need to understand clearly that they are reaping the fruits of the residual Punya Karma of past lives.

As has been stated by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita... that until hundred sins get completed can one be punished by God ... it is only when we the cross this limit that we shall be punished ... at this stage one cannot escape the fury of God ... now is the time for punishment ... and starts the journey of sufferings for this person. Similarly, we also have seen in the society that a very gentlemanly person who has never committed a sin in this life ... seems to suffer all along ... it is not because of the Karma of his present life that he suffering ... he has definitely committed some sin in the past lives ... the fruits of which are bearing now. It is totally unavoidable ... none on Mother Earth or the cosmic system can get away with it.

If we desire our future manifestations to be without sufferings (rather least sufferings) then we need to increase Punya Karma compared to the papa Karma ... it is the residual Karma of all the lives and the present life which shall decide what shall our fate be in next life ... we also need to remember that it is our atman the soul within that has taken the body and not vice versa. The sufferings and the happiness ... all belong to the body ... our atman the soul within is not the least concerned how we perform our Karma ... yes, our atman the soul within always prompts us through the sweet small inner voice coming from our heart and guides us on the right path. Whether we try to follow or not these promptings of our atman the soul within is entirely unto us.

Our atman the soul within only desires one thing ... it always prompts the body to complete the journey at the earliest ... as Moksha Salvation is only possible in form of a human being ... the sooner the journey is completed ... the better for atman the soul within. Our atman the soul within also cannot carry out its purification on its own ... it needs a body to do that.

If we need to separate one KG of gold from a lump of hundred KG of gold ore then we require the requisite mining machinery. The one KG of gold cannot purify itself... it cannot remove the 99% impurities on its own. It has to be passed through various phases of the mining process before it comes back to its original pristine pure form. One KG of pure gold is our Atman soul in its pristine pure form ... and hundred KG of gold ore is the stage of Atman before manifesting the first body on its cosmic journey.

The process of committing a sin is imbibed within the system as someone has to suffer ... if there were no sins ... there would not have been any sufferings ... and it would not have been possible for the Cosmos to continue without a break ... and breaks are not permitted in the cosmic system. The sum total of the cosmos at any point of time always remains zero. If God has the power of plus hundred then, Satan also has power of minus hundred. It is only when the system gets disturbed temporarily ... that we suffer natural calamities ... and natural calamities occur to maintain the balance of the system. They are the release valves of the cosmic system.

If we observe the working of a water geyser in a bathroom ... we find that it has a release valve at the top for emergencies ... if the pressure of the steam increases beyond limits then the geyser shall not explode and harm us... but the pressure would be released through the valve provided at the top. Whatever we call suffering and happiness ... these both feelings ... both experiences ... are but release valves in the journey of life ... we just cannot do without them. Life would become so monotonous without sufferings and happiness that it would not be worthwhile to live.

If you had put this question to Swami Vivekananda then he would have been very glad to answer your question ... he never believed in the concept of suffering ... he only did what he wanted to ... though he did not Realize God in the present life ... that was not his aim also. Like Mother Teresa he wanted to serve the society physically ... gaining Self Realization takes one much away from the physical realm of life ... one even fails to recognize ... rather willing to admit his own wife and children as his own. After Self Realization ... all children ... all ladies existing on Mother Earth are but like sons and daughters of God for him. There is no other relationship, which holds well.

What are sufferings ... it is our senses which make us feel the sufferings ... no senses ... no sufferings! Suffering would be there but we may not be able to feel it. What happens in an operation ... before the surgical operation is conducted on a human being ... he is given anesthesia ... does it mean that the body is not suffering ... the body suffers but the human being does not feel it because of sedation. If there were no sufferings then whenever our body got injured we would not even come to know of it ... this system of sufferings was created by God to keep the sufferings in check ... after all there is a limit to which one can suffer. It is only when the sufferings increase beyond our capacity that we Pray to God. Normally never before! This is a particular trait of character of a human being even God fails to understand (;-)

If we forget for the time being that we are a body ... dwelling in the domain of Atmans souls ... we find that there is nothing like suffering. Why so? What is death for the body is in fact a new life for atman the soul within. Ask a schooling child how happy he feels when he gets a new blazer for the new class. Similarly, when body dies and atman the soul within awaits a new body ... it is time for Cheers ... but on Mother Earth ... all hell breaks loose for one of our near and dear ones has died.

Every living being has an atman the soul within ... and what is an Atman? It is a miniscule part of ParmAtman soul, the Almighty God. All Atmans are equal ... it is only that some Atmans may be in their 8 millionth manifestation and the other two hundred lives ahead. The intelligence within all Human Beings would always remain the same because of atman the soul within ... but based on the intellect (Buddhi) ... our capacity to use our brain and also the mind power varies from person to person. The intellect (Buddhi) is only required to live the physical manifested part of life ... it is not the least necessary while proceeding on the path of spirituality. It is primarily the power of faith in the system of God (and that too absolute faith), which guides and helps us progressing smoothly on the path of pure Spirituality ... the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... the stage of Self Realization!

Yama, the God of death is primarily a concept ... nothing of such sort ever exists. If you feel there was one like Shiva ... you are mistaken ... if you feel there is a Vishnu ... you are again mistaken. All the concepts are required to explain the various facets of God and his creation. Without personification ... the explanation would just not be possible. At the time of Mahabharata it was only Arjuna who was competent to decipher what Lord Krishna was saying. None other human being on Mother Earth was competent including the other Pandavas to understand the meaning of words of Lord Krishna. If we need an image in the temple to worship God ... we also need to personify various powers of God. Be it Durga or Brahma ... all are different aspects of the same Almighty God, the Creator of the cosmos.

Remember that example of five blind people. When they were asked to define an elephant ... the one holding the trunk of the elephant stated that elephant is like a snake ... the one holding the tale stated that elephant is a hairy being ... the one holding the leg stated that elephant is like a tree and so on. Various people describing the same thing in a different format ... it is only because of the ignorance of the blind people. Until, our atman the soul within reaches the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... we are all ignorant to the fact that it is our atman the soul within which is the only absolute truth in the Cosmos ... the significance of a body does not hold good ... it shall wither and die in every manifestation. It is only the power of the residual Karma, which shall be carried on into the next manifestation through the chromosomes.

As many people ... as many chains of thought and as many gods exist in this world. Object remaining the same ... every human being describes it in a different manner. There is no harm in everybody having a personal God. Who stops us from doing that (;-)

Vedanta (the end of the Vedas) is one and only one ... there can never be two ... truth is only one ... it shall always remain one. The advaita vedanta propagated by Adi Shankaracharya is the only truth. God does not have a dual personality. The theories and the concepts put forward by Ramanujacharya and Madhavacharya have their own flaws ... Advaita Vedanta is without a flaw ... it is purely flawless ... it is the essence of Bhagavad Gita as preached by Lord Krishna.

There are many ... not one, two but in millions ... who may refute bluntly whatever I have stated above ... who cares ... I have realized my real self ... I have seen the truth in its entirety ... the whole humanity on one side ... I know I am never wrong now... for I have realized self ... I have Realized God.

It is as simple as that ... to view the whole of New York City ... we need to climb to the top of Empire State building ... standing on the 31st and the 51st floor ... the whole view shall never be available to us. We need to climb to the top ... we need to awaken our kundalini fully ... we need to practice Celibacy for a continuous period of 12 years ... only then shall we be able to Realize God and assimilate the truth of the teachings of Lord Krishna as contained in Bhagavad Gita in its entirety.

I have reached the last leg of my manifestation ... this is my 8.4 millionth manifestation ... I have nowhere else to go ... I have reached the climax of my cosmic life ... I have become a pure Atman ... having reached the Mount Everest of my life ... I but desire to give back to the humanity whatever I have learnt with the grace of God ... and that is what I am doing right now!

Always remember ... the moment the last query within every human being dissolves ... it is all over for us ... we can but attain Moksha Salvation after that. Do not hesitate to send a query ... it is only the process of cross-examination ... coming to a logical conclusion in every matter whatsoever that we rise higher and higher on the Spiritual platform ... this is the way it has been destined by God ... beyond it Human Beings have no control whatsoever. We need to bear with it all.

May God bless us!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: It is said, everything happens according wish of GOD. Then why we commit sins. Does GOD force us commit sins. Why all are born with equal intelligence.? Why Previous Birth Karma influence us, if the punishment is given by "YAMA".

All we know there are three Vedantas 1. Advaita- Adi Shanka Charya 2. Vishistadvaita - Sri Ramanuaja Charya 3. Dvaita -Madhwa Charya Which of these are correct? Why are there are three ways of looking at Atama. How Karma Yoga practised? How can we control Karma?

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