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Query: At no time in my ten years of studying have I ever seen someone make the assertion that India will be saved from the World War III. The new world superpower will be the European Union.

Vijay Kumar:
Your assertions are based on the studies of the documents you have had access to. The interpretations can at many times go wrong. The basic theories themselves may collapse but... the cosmic system continues on forever. human beings are born... they live a life of 70 to 80 years and again they die... but the cosmic system continues to move on... it never fails. Why?

If you have never come across any document which asserts India to be the superpower number one of the new era... you are unfortunate. You are biased in your opinions... you have drawn your conclusions from the texts put forward by vested interests. The people in the west are not only poor in their Spiritual perceptions... rather Spirituality is totally absent in them.

If we think Jesus Christ is the only God... the savior of mankind... it is the biggest misnomer of the times. Why? Bhagwan Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism after whose advent Jainism took its roots... came about 500 years earlier then Jesus Christ. What when Jesus Christ was not yet born... what when United States of America did not even exist and that is something about 600 years before from now...

Do we say no god existed before the times of Jesus Christ... was Spirituality non existent before the times of Jesus Christ... what of Lord Krishna an Avatar (manifest form of God on Mother Earth) who came about thousand years before Bhagwan Mahavira and about 1500 years before Jesus Christ... his teachings... the famous sermon he gave during the Battle of Mahabharata contained in Bhagavad Gita... considered as the foremost Bible for the mankind at large... are all these incidents and documents a fake?

Jesus Christ was hardly 13 years of age when he took a journey to India. He came to India to study the inner meaning of Spirituality in the famous universities of Nalanda and Taxila that existed in his times. In a smaller period of time he was able to gain the cosmic wisdom that made him Jesus Christ... one who laid his life for the benefit of mankind. There is no harm in calling Jesus Christ as the son of God but in the system of God there is only one Creator. There can be many man gods like Bhagwan Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed and In present times the likes of Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana... the two Saints who Realized God within their lifetimes.

Before arriving at a conclusion we need to understand that God supports nothing that is undemocratic in nature. The activities of the countries covered in the European Union... the supporters of United States of America in the war against Iraq... Do you think God can forgive them for the deeds committed by these countries? No. Not in the least! USA and its allies shall face the wrath of the Middle East countries... the Islamic world as a whole... and this shall happen at the right opportune moment.

The triggering of the WTC affair was just a beginning... the finale is yet to come. Christianity and followers of Islamic Dharma have fanatical tendencies... they believe their God is the only savior of mankind. The biggest anomaly that exists in these Religions! Had Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed been present during the present times... they would have rued the day when they were born for they never ever taught whatever is being practiced today by the Christians and the Islamic world.

The teachings of the Bible and the Koran are totally in contradiction to what is being practiced by the Spiritual masters of Christianity and the Islamic world. The teachings of Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed have been totally wrongly interpreted... having reached the status of Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed... the total mankind is the same for these Spiritual leaders... how could they have differentiated between different communities of people and their Religions. It was but not possible for those who gained enlightenment in their lifetime and finally Salvation Moksha to differentiate between a human being and an animal what to talk of differentiating between Human Beings?

India in the history of mankind has been the savior of humanity ever since Mother Earth was born. Patience and forgiveness has been practiced to the extreme. The Islamic community forcibly occupied the reins of India for about 400 years and the people from the United Kingdom for about 200 years... yet, India never repented... they faced the onslaught with patience and forgiveness. The patience practiced by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation ultimately led to India gaining freedom forever from the clutches of slavery.

In the circumstances do you think that God can forgive the doings of the Islamic and the Christian world? No. Never... for as we sow so shall we reap... nothing more or less. We cannot expect a mango to grow on a guava tree. The Islamic world and the Christians who practiced slavery in India for hundreds of years cannot be forgiven by God... they have to face the consequences of their ill doings one-day.

I had taken a world tour in the year 1987... the only purpose being to assess the Spiritual mental level of the people in the west. I met every type of person in my 40 days of tour only to find the people in the west absolutely blank about Spirituality. If one needs to understand the Spirituality... we also need to understand the meaning of word Spiritual.

The word Spiritual stems from spirit... the source of energy within us that can be felt but not perceived by our senses. The source of energy we know as atman the soul within. We all know that it is the soul (the Atman within us) that has taken the body and not vice versa. In cosmic journey of life the soul within us is required to manifest again and again (a total of 8.4 million manifestations and a long journey of 96.4 million earthly years) before the soul can come back to its original pristine pure form... the day the body gains enlightenment and finally Salvation (Moksha in Hinduism).

The people in the west talk about awakening of the kundalini yet they practice sex. They also talk about reincarnation but fail to understand the basic precepts of Spirituality... it is not the body which has taken atman the soul within but it is vice versa... atman the soul within has taken the body only to work out its Karma and this process gets repeated again and again... a total of 8.4 million times before the journey comes to an end... the soul gains immortality... it gains immortality because the cycle of birth and death has come to an end.

It gains immortality because the soul has liberated forever from the cycle of 8.4 million manifestations... it becomes free forever for its onward journey to Vaikuntha (the abode of God) in Hinduism and known as the kingdom of God in Christianity.

To talk of reincarnation is pretty immature discussion... does a body have the right to talk of incarnation knowing well that it is our atman the soul within that has taken the body of a human being for a mere 70 to 80 years of life... the moment atman the soul within leaves the body... it shall decay and die. How can reincarnation hold good for the body. Once it has become dead... it is gone forever! Our atman the soul within that is a minuscule form of God Almighty and is nonperishable continues on its journey from one manifestation to another.

In Hinduism discussions on reincarnation means the seeker is absolutely ignorance about the nature of spirit. If one needs to learn Spirituality at large... it is just not possible to understand the complete scenario at large unless one has digested the pearls of wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavad Gita is a living testimony to the existence and the perennial nature of our atman the soul within... as any school going student looks forward to getting a blazer in the new session similarly, every atman the soul within looks forward to getting a new body after having spent 70 to 80 years of journey as a human being.

In India... one does not live for the present life alone... one looks forward to gaining immortality in the present life and this is possible only after gaining enlightenment and finally Salvation (Moksha in Hinduism).

In the coming World War Three... the first and the last truly nuclear World War of the era... India and China will escape the wrath of the world community at large. Both India and China have remained aloof from the war against Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic world in Iraq. Both of the above wars were organized jointly by United States of America and its allies (primarily, UK and the European Union). It was a fight between the David and Goliath. For the time being Goliath has won but all is not yet over... the penultimate day will be the day of the David.

The rules of the cosmic system cannot be bent. One who has committed wrong has to suffer and in this case United States of America and the countries of European Union along with UK have jointly massacred thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq. The revenge by the Islamic world is due... none can stop the likes of Osama bin laden to lead the revenge. The atrocities have to be paid for... they can never be forgiven for it is not in the blood of the followers of Islamic Religion to forgive one.

In the aftermath of the war China which shall be financially more independent than India shall not be able to regain position number one because communism has no role to play in the cosmic system. Anything that is undemocratic is never supported by God Almighty. In the system of God there is no place for any repression or dictation. All live by mutual consent and understanding. It is only in a democratic setup wherein people are free to think and air their views. Contrary to this... free speech is barred in a communist setup.

China shall retain position number two after the World War. Communism shall not survive for long even in China as the growing student community is fully aware of the bright aspects of democracy... they shall fight it with all their might and shall win in the last. China is one country which lives by its own rules... it always tries to get benefited when two sides fight against each other... China is the foremost supplier of arms to both the sides. Whether it is the terrorists who require arms or whether it is independent countries looking forward to supply of arms... China does not pick and choose between the purchasers.

It desires financial independence be it the use of unethical means or any other means possible under the sun. All rules are bent as required by the time. China does not want to follow any rules. As was said by Mao se Tung, "power flows from the barrel of a gun". He practiced what he preached. It was irony of fate that China on one hand opened the chapters of friendship with India in 1960 and immediately thereafter attacked India on a massive scale. If we need to learn how to practice double standards in life we need to look at China and the behavior of the Chinese people... the very people who are being trusted by United States of America and who shall realize their folly in the end.

India shall and has always been living by setting examples of patience and forgiveness throughout the world. These are God-given gifts... however best the followers of Islam try... they can never practice forgiveness for it is not in their blood. If we look at the total world scenario from an unbiased point of view... we shall understand the efficacy of this statement. No power on earth can ever make India shed its practice of forgiveness and practicing patience. This is how God meant the humanity to live by.

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Full text of query: I live in America and am a prophecy student and have been for ten years or so.

I have read your site and must no time in my ten years of studying what will come have I ever seen someone make the assertion that India will be saved from the World War III. In fact, India will go down with the USA as Russia, China, The Muslim Nation will help Pakistan to attack India. The new world superpower will be the European Union and there will be a man step forward that the world will believe to be God. Yes, America has done many bad things both domestically as well as in its foreign policy and we must soon pay for those policies. Yes, you are correct that in one day America will be rocked to its core with, some believe ten bomds exploding in ten cities and these cities are: NYC, Wash D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Minniapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., San Diego and Las Vagas. These cities are where the power, money, sin and corruption lay in America and God wants these cities do be dealt with as in Ancient times. Over 100 million Americans will die on that day and the days to follow it.

Keep in mind, the reason your dates were wrong was because you failed to factor in the grace of god to withhold the events to afford his children to repent and turn to God. Though the date is coming very very close. 9/11 began the attacks on America. As we mobilized our troops and invaded Afganistan, the russians and chinese studied our abilities and our tactics. Then, they set us up for Iraq and we took the bait. Again, they studied our capabilities. The enimies of America are now ready to invade. They will begin with internal unrest in America. While the federal govt is busy with this unrest...the fall of America will come.

Being Christian, I know that revelations 18 talks about this day. In one hour the great babylon will fall. But please don't think that india will escape this war and rise up. It will not. India may, however, become allies to the EU and rise with the EU...that may be a possibiiy...but god has made it clear that it will be of roman stock that the anti-christ will rise out of. In the book of daniel we learn that the four previous world empires (no country since the roman empire has had total control of all known lands) Babylon, Meso Empire, Greece and Rome must all be united to rise into the fifth and last world empire prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Iraq was important because it cradled the first two world empires. That is why America is in the west controls all four previous world empires.

God bless and pray for america to repent and save itself. I doubt now though with the new laws embracing homosexuality...America has already fallen.

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