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Query: Which approach of spiritual practice will be dominantly followed in India in the coming future to regain Spirituality? Bhakti-Marga, Gayatri Mantra and Yagna approach or Kriya Yoga? What are Divyastras referred in Mahabharata?

Vijay Kumar:
The moment I Realized God it was all over for me. The complete wisdom of the cosmos was on my tips. It was then I requested the Almighty God to throw light on the shape of the times to come... and lo... God uplifted me to the frequency of Nostradamus and I was shown whatever is written in the article "shape of the world to come (1994~2006)". All was based on the theory of mass Karma of the total community of the world namely 6000 million people at that time.

With passage of time the Karma of the community changed... and so changed the predictions! Both are interrelated. The World War Three... the first and the last truly nuclear war of the era which was to have started somewhere between the end of 98 and the beginning of 99 was nowhere in sight. So many predictions came to a naught!

Further... all my initial writings after August, 1993 are a direct dictation from God Almighty. They are without any flaw. I never write anything... whenever something percolates from the top... I take a pen and a notebook and start writing... it is only when the writing is complete... do I come to know whatever is written. The complete dictation is taken in a subconscious state. I cannot simply write anything unless the dictation comes from the top... the prime reason why I am not able to update the said Essay.

In present times I do not find any indication from God when shall the World War Three be... but one thing is for certain that the last war of this era shall be fought between the Christians and the Islamic community. It shall be a fight to the finish... almost 40% of the Christian and the Muslim community getting wiped out.

Living life in the present phase of the cosmic system is a difficult task... the humble and the meek are suffering at the hands of the mighty.

I am producing below the cause that shall result in the precipitation of the third World War... An answer given by me in response to a query.

Query: Do you really believe in a third World War and can you throw more light when and how the aftermath?

Vijay Kumar:
If we were able to understand the basic crux of evolution... everything would become clear all by itself. The total phase of human life behaves in a cyclic manner... everything works like a clock. If we have day... we also have night. We have fire... we also have water. We have a positive followed by a negative. The balance in the cosmic system at any given point of time must always remain zero except for the combined power of all Atmans souls in the Cosmos that is always to be treated separate.

During the time of Lord Krishna (considered an Avatar... the manifest form of God himself) who came about 3600 years before from now... it was a Kali Yuga the metal age as we are facing today. Similar conditions prevailed all over at that time. To uphold Dharma (righteousness... this is the shortest form in which Dharma can be defined)... God himself manifested on Mother Earth in form of Lord Krishna (an Avatar of the era).

Things had to be set in order... the human life and the mankind at large was at peril... the basic values in the society had broken down. It was becoming difficult to differentiate between an animal and the man animal. It was disgusting to observe that sometimes animals behaved better than Human Beings. Saving the life of a master who did not know swimming and in return giving away his own life... what can we call such a dog as? This behavior of an animal would even belittle the trust the present community has placed in some saints of the present era.

In present times and in the times of Lord Krishna the society had broken down to such lower values that even brothers and sisters turned foe. Such things have to come to a pass... they cannot continue forever. Someone... one with the power of God had to incarnate in order to uplift the society back to its original values and this is possible only when an Avatar descends on Mother Earth and gives a jolting blow to the mankind.

The turn of events during the Kali Yuga is not an easy task... it requires someone like the form of God to take care of the humanity as a whole. It is this time when someone of the likes of Lord Krishna takes care of the humanity. All are awaiting with abated breath the advent of Bhagavan Kalki... one who shall destroy the darkness of Kali Yuga and launch the humanity into the golden era. Bhagwan Kalki... the destroyer of Kali Yuga!

This Bhagwan Kalki whomsoever it shall be would be able to precipitate a war between the two fanatic Religions existing today... the Christianity and the Islamic Dharma. Both believe their God... the Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed are the only gods who are the saviors of mankind. There is no doubt that Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed practiced and preached pure Spirituality but whatever we see today is in total contrast to the teachings of Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed.

These two communities will fight each other... it shall be a fight to the finish... both the communities would be practically wiped out after the war gets completed. Whatever remains... only that community which believes in one God and who takes care of the total humanity shall survive. Hinduism believes in the existence of one God Almighty... aka Karta, ParmAtman soul, Brahman, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in Hinduism.

Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh are the three manifestations of the same Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe. Brahma represents the creative energy of God... it is responsible for every piece of creation in whole Cosmos. Vishnu is considered as the preserver, the maintainer of the total system of the cosmos. Vishnu is the supervisor, the manager of the whole cosmic show. Nothing can move in the total cosmic system without the blessings of Vishnu.

Mahesh on the contrary is representative of the destroying power of the Creator. The Life and Death of every body is solely dependent upon Mahesh... aka Shiva. The form of Shiva has been considered as full of fire... if we need to purify ourselves internally we definitely need the blessings of Shiva aka Vishnu.

The present time is the period of Shiva... now in the coming times we shall see the dance of Shiva... the flying Agni god of fire all over. Purity has to be gained at all costs... humanity has failed itself in upholding the virtues and the Morales of the society. An external source is necessary and Bhagwan Kalki shall take care of that.

Those who do not believe that the Christianity and the Islamic Dharma shall fight out each other... they are at fault. Both the communities have been practicing a Religion of coercion. They have a tendency to dictate... anything in whole Cosmos which is not of a democratic nature cannot survive for long... it has to die out one-day. On the contrary... Hinduism is the only Religion in the whole of world since times immemorial that has practiced patience and forgiveness to its limits.

Ever since the time of Bhagwan Mahavira and the period when English ruled India... the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi practiced patience and forgiveness to its extreme... the onslaught of the English could not survive for long... it ultimately gave way and a free democratic India was born.

Lord Krishna was born in India... Bhagwan Mahavira was born in India... Gautama Buddha was born in India... Jesus Christ owed his complete teachings to the Nalanda and Taxila universities of the yester era that existed in the present state of Bihar, India. Prophet Mohammed also belonged to the area which was under the control of India at a moment of time in history namely Persia.

Pure Spirituality flows in India like the free flow of bullets from the barrel of a terrorist's gun. There is no comparison in the whole of mankind as to the level of teachings imparted in the Nalanda and the Taxila universities of the yore. This is the prime reason why India (the present Hindustan) would not be much involved directly in the World War Three.

If we think that such a happening may or may not occur... it cannot be... the society cannot continue to survive in the present circumstances when it has practically become suitable for a situation where might is right. How can a humble human being survive in the circumstances? In the system of God the rectification measures occur at the right opportune moment. Such events cannot be forced upon the society.

There comes a time of revolution... when the masses cannot any longer survive the onslaught of those in power... they retaliate with fury and in the process is born a Bhagwan Kalki... someone with the power of God himself... he has only one goal of life... uplifting of Dharma (righteousness). Einstein had rightly said that after the third World War, it shall be the Stone Age again... he knew that whatever development in science has occurred in the present would be wiped out in the third World War. He was totally right in that!

It has already been about 3600 years when Lord Krishna came... the cycle is about to come to a full circle. Again the end of the Kali Yuga the metal age is a must... a neat and clean society is the call of the day... all throughout the world... the humble and the meek are suffering at the hands of those in power... their patience is about to crumble... the moment that happens... it shall be the beginning of the World War Three.

People like Osama bin laden and Saddam Hussein are only a means to an end. The moment I Realized God in 1993... I requested of God Almighty to take me to the frequency of nostradamus and lo... everything what had been foreseen by Nostradamus was projected in my front. Everything that was shown to me by the Almighty God based on the residual Karma of the 6000 million people in 1993 was dictated to me by God in the article "shape of the world to come (1994~2006)".

From that moment of time I knew that Nostradamus and his predictions were not wrong... I had myself seen it all with my inner eyes. God Almighty cannot be wrong... the cleansing of the society... the upholding of the moral values is the requisite of the day. How long can the society sustain in the present circumstances. The bombing of WTC using airplanes as lives missiles is something that the citizens of America are never going to forget in the times to come.

What God has in store for the Americans in the next coming years... they cannot even think or imagine... 40% of the Christian and the Islamic community would be completely wiped out from the face of the world. Americans mean USA and its allied countries including Israel. Islamic community means all Muslim dominated countries throughout the world and their friendly neighbors.

In India... there is a population of Muslim inhabitants exceeding 250 million... yet, there is nothing to fear for even these Muslims are not considered part of Islam by the Islamic countries in the Middle East... they consider Indian Muslims to be kafirs (outcasts from the Religion). and this differentiates Indian Muslims with their counterparts from the Islamic countries in the Middle East.

The Muslim population in India has learnt a great deal from Hinduism... to a certain extent they also practice patience and forgiveness. Also, countries like Canada would dissociate itself from the perils of World War Three and would be indirectly involved. Similar would be the fate of Australia. Yet, Australia would perish after the World War Three as the rise in the water level of the seas by 10~12 feet would give rise to tremendous waves which would completely wipe out the peripheral belt surrounding Australia wherein lives the complete population.

Who shall survive and who shall be wiped out is not the question... everything in the cosmos is directly related to the Karma of a being. As we sow so shall be reap... nothing more or less! It is only the practice of Karma that decides our future ahead. The future of USA lies in the hands of all citizens of USA as the theory of mass Karma prevails in this case. USA is not the doing of a single individual... the complete community is to blame. For the episode of Iraq it is not only the president of USA who is to blame but it is the total citizenship that has elected him to the post that is responsible.

When shall the World War Three be... it is not yet certain... the moment the tormentors exceed the bearable limits of the meek and the humble... World War Three shall start.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Thank you for clearing my doubts and questions. I have few more questions now, these are regarding India mainly.

Question 1 : India was a land of Spirituality. The present misrable condition of India is due to an apparant loss in Spirituality. India has to fully regain its Spiritual status in order to set itself right and also to become a guide to the rest of the world. But which approach of spiritual practice will be dominantly followed in India in the coming future or near future to regain Spirituality ?

A. A Bhakti-Marg kind of approach, somewhat in a similar spirit of Sri Chaitanya but different, if we talk of the socio-economic projects associated into it : The Swadhyay Parivaar established by Rev. Pandurang Shastri Athawale, winner of "Templeton Award for Progress in Religion" and also Raman Magsaysay Award for social leadership. Website : http://www. swadhyay. org . OR

B. The Gayatri Mantra and Yagna approach : The Gayatri Parivaar established by Acharya Sri Ram Sharma (who is said to be the Reincarnation of Sri RamKrishna Paramhansa). This Gayatri Parivaar performs Gayatri Maha-Yagna and other kinds of Yagnas at various places and preaches the Gayatri Mantra among Brahmins and all other castes alike (because caste is actually from Guna-Karma and not by virtue of Janma alone). Website : http://www.gayatri pariwar. org/ . OR

C. The Kriya Yoga approach, a more sublime one : Kriya Yoga - progagated to the world by Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri with instruction from his ever-living Guru Babaji Maharaj. Websites : http://www.Yogananda- srf. org/ http://www. Self_Realization_Fellowship_Gurus.htm etc.

Question 2 : What are Divyastra-s, those referred in Mahabharata ? Are they more powerful than even Nuclear weapons ? Do they work from some other plane of consciousness ?

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