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The Big Bang What is The Big Bang Theory

Query: The Big Bang: Why god chose only earth for human being to be born and take Moksha? Why do we not remember events of past lives! Why one needs Moksha? Is mind different from chitta?

Vijay Kumar:
Ok ... I shall explain everything in more detail now.

Big Bang is the time when the origination of the cosmos occurs. It is a phenomenon over which the scientists world-wide had been putting different theories. But only about 20 years or so have passed when the scientific community concurred that Cosmos formation occurred after the Big Bang only. This is now a confirmed fact. No other theory as per the scientists is more convincing and in conformity.

By Big Bang we mean ... as explained earlier ... the size of God Almighty ... the power of all purified Atmans souls in the Cosmos being just the size of half a thumb immediately before the Big Bang occurred ... can you imagine the power contained in that half the size of a thumb ... that is all what is the size of the cosmos during that small fraction of time. As so much power cannot contain itself ... it explodes with a Big Bang scattering all Atmans all over the Cosmos. and millions and billions of years later are formed solar systems like that of the sun ... it needs that much of time for the Cosmos to cool down.

Once the solar systems like formation takes place then further millions of years are required for formation of planets like Mother Earth. Only when mother earth becomes conducive that it can give birth to Atmans (meaning thereby that Atmans can now manifest on Mother Earth) ... the formation of an amoeba takes place ... the first manifestation of an atman the soul within. This amoeba like formation (a single cell formation) converts to two-cell formation, multi cell formation and it takes ages for this to happen. Almost when 7.3 million manifestations have occurred does the life form take the form of a human being.

In the stage of a human being also there are 1.1 million types of manifestations ... meaning that even as a human being one may have to pass through 1.1 million manifestations before one realizes God ... gains enlightenment and subsequently Salvation Moksha ... I hope you will get it right this time ... if I am born a human in my 8,004,301 manifestation then in my next manifestation I shall again be born as a human being. It is not that having been born a human being I need 8.4 million manifestations to occur before I get the form of a human being.

Having been born as a human being ... I can again be thrown into the dungeons of animal life if my Karma in present life so demands ... if I kill something like 10 innocent (just an example) Human Beings in this life then there is full possibility of my getting a place in the animal kingdom ... only when born as animal I commit pious deeds (like a dog saving the life of his master) ... shall I again be born again as a human being.

In a nutshell ... 8.4 million manifestations consist of the total life span from the start of life as an amoeba to the form of a human being and finally reaching the stage of Salvation Moksha. Also the occurrence of the Big Bang occurs immediately after the collapse of the cosmos ... there comes a stage in the life of the cosmos that it begins to crumble ... and finally reduces to half the size of a thumb ... and as the energy cannot contain itself ... it again explodes with a Big Bang and all Atmans souls get scattered all over the Cosmos. and thus starts cosmic journey of an atman the soul within.

Does this mean that all Atmans in whatever life form they may be at the time of the collapse of the cosmos attained God Realization ... yes it is so ... it becomes mandatory for all Atmans to come to their pristine pure original form at the time of the completion of the collapse of the cosmos ... there is no other alternative. The Jainism Scriptures do not recognize this fact ... they state that if a life form is in 8.1 millionth manifestation then when the next new Cosmos begins to form ... life for this atman soul starts from 8.1 millionth manifestation ... this is absolutely wrong. Bhagavad Gita does not support this. Lord Krishna came almost about 1000 years before Mahavira and Bhagavad Gita becomes binding on Jainism Scriptures. The 22nd Tirthankara Neminath was a cousin brother of Lord Krishna.

We are bound by the solar system ... we do not know anything about other life sustaining planets in the Cosmos ... there are many solar systems ... not thousands but millions of them in the Cosmos. and many of these solar systems have earth like planets, which definitely would be sustaining life on then. On some planets we may find a snake taking Moksha ... the highest species on that planet ... and almost in manners like a human being ... moving around ... talking in an intelligent language ... and to our surprise we may find the form of a human being at a lower level. Not to make any guesses as it would not be worthwhile.

Planets Venus, mars and moon are not conducive for support of life ... the moment they become conducive for support of life we shall find life there also.

Also, Punarjanma is a wrong notion! There is nothing like Punarjanma because the value of body is only limited to one life. It is atman the soul within, which takes a body, and not vice versa ... where is the Punarjanma ... in every life atman the soul within takes a new body ... and there is absolutely no connection between the two lives.

If at all there was a connection between the earlier life and the present life ... and I was able to know the acts of my previous life then the first thing I would have done after having attained maturity was murder my next-door neighbor ... why? Because in the earlier life he killed my only son and as I had to take the revenge, which was not possible, as I could not face the might of the other, why not commit the act in this life. The prime reason why God has forbade contact with the earlier life.

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Full text of query: As you said soul atman is mini part of parmAtmana. that's ok. but u wrote some thing about Big Bang. what is Big Bang. what make parmatmna to be split into small parts. Is it some accident like happen that age. Why god choose earth as only the planet to take bodies for Moksha? there are venus,mars, moon ? why earth only. is there any special purpose to select earth?

According to you or bhagwadgita, soul has to take 8.4 million years to enter in human body. means you believe i punarjanma. if it happen then why not we remberer the things which we learn or do in pur past janma. and according to me this life is very short to know all the things in one shot. so we have to take janma after janma to accquire that knowledge. As after this humam life we have to go again 8.4 million lifes again. is not possible to take directly human life after this human life only.

As everyone is looking for Moksha. and this human life if gift by god for the same reason. every Religion teach that only. but the question remain why to Moksha? just to find relief from janmachkra. or you think there might be differant answer for this. we have to attained so much things in life. is there anything remain to achieve after Moksha? If not then why should one look for Moksha? as there is no goal to attain. no way to do anything for people for society for?

ok that's enough. thank you for giving me so knowledge of Atman soul and parmatmna and sorry, but i cannot understand the differance between mann and atmna. As you wrote mann as mind, but according to me mann and mind are differant things. As there is always quarrel between mann and mind. you feel differant but you think differant. and i think that differ mann from mind. mind can only think. but mann tell us what is good and bad. it feel us for someone. it make us to think us about our people. our parents, our children, our friends and all other things. it makes us a responsible person. that's not the case with mind. it only think, and decide what to do? when you think you feel stress on mind. but when you feel it stress on heart. it is assumed that mann reside in heart. thanks for great things.

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