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Big Bang What is The Big Bang Theory

Query: The Big Bang: Why god chose only earth for human being to be born and take Moksha? Why do we not remember events of past lives! Why one needs Moksha? Is mind different from chitta?

Vijay Kumar:

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Knowledge is not an act of the physical manifested life ... it is not related to the body ... and thus to the human being ... it is the Atman within (which is knowledgeable) and as it desires early Liberation ... knowledge is required to be acquired to proceed higher and higher on the path of life. To imagine that a human being has to take life afterlife to become intelligent is a misnomer ... the body only has to play the role it is destined for. The governing factor is Atman the soul within. Whenever a human being tends to take the wrong path ... most of the times our Atman within prompts us to bring us on the right path. Not many people in the whole world at like animals ... they are very limited.

Moksha ... Salvation ... is the desire of the human being prompted by the senses. Correctly understood ... no human being can ever attain Moksha in bodily form. Only after leaving the mortal frame that one can be called as having gained enlightenment ... the so-called man gods Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed ... all gained enlightenment in their lifetime. Yet, so many Human Beings try to become immortal within their lifetime. Immortality is achieved when the last manifestation of Atman gets completed and we can rightly say that as there are no further births ... Atman soul has become immortal ... free forever from the cycle of birth and death.

The complete cycle of an Atman takes 96.4 million years at the most ... yet, the life of a Cosmos may be in trillions of years ... does it mean that having attained Liberation ... atman the soul within lives in a state of hibernation until the next Big Bang occurs ... yes, it is so. That is how we invoke the blessings of the Realized Masters every now and then, as they are available in the Brahmaand (Cosmos) to bless us.

Here I shall narrate a true happening in my life just before I had Realized God- It so happened that while bathing one day I achieved almost complete purity ... that was the time when I was concentrating on the 23rd Tirthankara of the Jaina tradition Lord Parshvanath. For a few days we had been discussing in the house that during the times of the 23rd Tirthankara Lord Parshvanath ... the height of the Human Beings was about 7 feet. I somehow felt confirming the same. During the period of absolute purity ... to my utter disbelief an energy form ... similarly as shown in the serial "Star Trek" energized in front of me ... no discussions ... nothing said ... yet, I had got my answers for the head of the liberated soul of Lord Parshvanath just touched the ceiling of my bathroom which was exactly 7 feet in height.

It was only after elapse of five to six seconds... the moment my thoughts waned and brought me back to the materialistic world ... the form of Lord Parshvanath disintegrated. What an experience it was! I can have as many experiences as I want as of today ... but having had face-to-face darshan of God Almighty ... the need for such occurrences does not arise.

From my experience I have learned that apart from God Almighty we can also seek the blessings of all realized souls who gained enlightenment before our taking the present human form. The reason why there are so many Gods worshiped these days!

One who is wise only needs to understand the logical structure of the cosmos ... once the concept is clear ... getting nearer the goal is not a very difficult task. The right perspective (one needs to have a certain goal in this life) ... the bulldog determination (like that of Winston Churchill) ... the patience (as practiced by Swami Vivekananda) ... the persistence showed by Ramakrishna Paramhansa (he used to weep for days together in continuation begging the Lord for a darshan of his) ... when all these get combined ... there is all possibility of attaining God Realization in the present life. Why not truly strive for it!

Regarding the mann and the mind, you're confusing mann with Antarmann. It is Antarmann (our soul within), that has the power of discrimination. Antarmann, is a word used to describe our atman the soul within ... our consciousness. Whether we call it Antarmann ... consciousness ... Atman or soul ... they are all one and the same. Heart is the temple of our body and therein resides our atman, the soul within. It communicates with the other Atmans through brain, which acts as a receiver and transmitter of thoughts.

Mind (mann) is the source of all Jnana wisdom contained in the Cosmos ... we invoke every single thought from the reservoir of Mind Plus and Mind Minus. Every positive thought is invoked from the reservoir of Mind Plus and every negative thought gets invoked from the reservoir of Mind Minus. Both the channels are open to Human Beings. It is our prerogative whether we choose to invoke positive or negative thoughts at a particular moment of time.

It is like switching on a transistor... from one relay station we find songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, the nightingale of India (the transmitter of positive thoughts) and from the other relay station someone broadcasting lousy jokes (the transmitter of negative thoughts). It is up to us which relay station we synchronize with our thoughts. It is but natural that a person with serene nature would love playing the songs of Lata Mangeshkar ... and one who does not value time would love hearing jokes.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Big Bang explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on what is the big bang theory visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: As you said soul atman is mini part of parmAtmana. that's ok. but u wrote some thing about Big Bang. what is Big Bang. what make parmatmna to be split into small parts. Is it some accident like happen that age. Why god choose earth as only the planet to take bodies for Moksha? there are venus,mars, moon ? why earth only. is there any special purpose to select earth?

According to you or bhagwadgita, soul has to take 8.4 million years to enter in human body. means you believe i punarjanma. if it happen then why not we remberer the things which we learn or do in pur past janma. and according to me this life is very short to know all the things in one shot. so we have to take janma after janma to accquire that knowledge. As after this humam life we have to go again 8.4 million lifes again. is not possible to take directly human life after this human life only.

As everyone is looking for Moksha. and this human life if gift by god for the same reason. every Religion teach that only. but the question remain why to Moksha? just to find relief from janmachkra. or you think there might be differant answer for this. we have to attained so much things in life. is there anything remain to achieve after Moksha? If not then why should one look for Moksha? as there is no goal to attain. no way to do anything for people for society for?

ok that's enough. thank you for giving me so knowledge of Atman soul and parmatmna and sorry, but i cannot understand the differance between mann and atmna. As you wrote mann as mind, but according to me mann and mind are differant things. As there is always quarrel between mann and mind. you feel differant but you think differant. and i think that differ mann from mind. mind can only think. but mann tell us what is good and bad. it feel us for someone. it make us to think us about our people. our parents, our children, our friends and all other things. it makes us a responsible person. that's not the case with mind. it only think, and decide what to do? when you think you feel stress on mind. but when you feel it stress on heart. it is assumed that mann reside in heart. thanks for great things.

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