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Searching for Answers in Bhagavad Gita

Query 1: I do not have a "person" guru so I have been previously searching for answers in Bhagavad Gita and for the last 15 months or so in your Articles. I will appreciate your advice on the following:-

You have advised in your Articles to be totally honest, even not to steal time from your employer. I am not busy and am writing these in my office hours. I read your Articles when I am not busy and in my lunch time and I use the internet in the office which my employer does not mind but my work does not get behind for this reason. Is it alright to continue in office hours when I am not busy or should I restrict obtaining this knowledge to lunch time only?

Query 2: If I only do my karam, perform my duties without expecting rewards, and eat parsad, aren't these things binding as it says in Gita actions are always rewarded even by another life? How do I know I am completely/burning out my karma? Or doing pious deeds (sat karam) (not owing to or being owed by anyone) in mind completes the karam of the current life?

Query 3
: You say eternal messages are flowing and trying to contact Atman soul and that Atman soul is actually talking to God all the time. The inner voice we hear... It is better to raise contact with enlightened soul through mind". I have been reading on "Meditation". After offering obeisance to deities (flowers, arthi) I sit down and concentrate on Radha/Krishna's photo and think of Their past times, watching my breath. How do I look "inside" and communicate with liberated soul - You?

Query 4
: I follow your advice to absorb thoughts from "Mind Plus". I concentrate my thoughts on Krishna when walking, sitting, travelling, cooking etc but how can I concentrate in office when I am working/typing/calculating etc? I sometimes find I am so absorbed in work that I haven't thought of Radha Krishna for two hours or so.

I hope I am on the right path of realising ... this soul is on the way to complete cosmic journey.

Vijay Kumar:
You must always act as your conscience prompts with you to do all the time. The small inner voice always tries to guide us on our Cosmic journey. As long as you feel you are justified in your actions never fear anything. God is always there with you. If you cross your Laxman Rekha you shall come to know of it as it shall reflect in your duties towards your employer.

Vijay Kumar:
Karma not karam? Performing your Karma as did King Janaka or JRD Tata, a Karma Yogi par excellence. Nothing is owned by you ... all belongs to the Creator himself. We are all but a trustee. Even your blood relations are not your own ... they were bonded to you for this and only this life. The bonding results owing to the balance Karma ... of earlier lives. It is not that easy to burn out the Karma ... to become a living Buddha or Mahavira in one's lifetime. Yet, we must perform actions in a manner that the purity by our Atman within gains day by day. When this happens our Atman within progresses on its journey at a faster pace and in return the body which has been taken by Atman experiences Heavenly Bliss. We unknowingly feel extremely happy.

Eating prasad does no good. It is when we care for all as our own that we receive the grace of God. The definition of Karma is explained in the Glossary on my homepage. Burning out of Karma is like peeling an onion ... the moment the last layer is removed ... one realizes God ... all is over with him ... no further life after death one can but attain Moksha.

God does not interfere with the system created by him ... he is only an onlooker ... a Dhrista! Your feelings all belong to this perishable World. It has no value in the World of Atmans. God does not decide anything ... we reap the fruits of our Karma. As we sow ... so shall we reap. You must never remain ignorant on this important aspect of life. One cannot do away with performing Karma ... come whatever may. Buddha touched the feet of his wife and child and went into the jungles with the hope of of attaining Brahma Jnana... his biggest mistake of life. He had to ultimately burn out his Karma before he could attain Moksha.

Vijay Kumar:
The process you are following is one of Bhakti ... it has got nothing to do with Meditation. Who are you? Merely a body for your Atman within. What you need to do is think who needs air too breath ... the body does not need it ... is it not Atman within which needs oxygen to survive. Lie down in Shavasana pose and simply concentrate on the breathing process ... the coming in and coming out of the air which is being breathed in. Slowly you shall gain control of the show ... and ultimately realize that you are but a Cosmic source of energy encased in a body ... the sole aim all the time being becoming free from the cycle of manifestations at the earliest.

You don't need to establish contact with me ... I am everywhere ... I have purified myself ... if need be I shall establish a contact. Vice versa, only Vivekananda was searching for Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramakrishna Paramhansa knew that one of the likes of Vivekananda would shortly contact him. Such is the power of Atman which makes one come in contact with another. All the time simply concentrate elevating yourself to higher Spiritual levels.

Vijay Kumar:
Wonderful! Very rarely are people able to concentrate in a manner you are able to do so. What normally happens is that people with the Spiritual bent of mind all the time forget to concentrate on their job landing them in trouble. Performing your Karma is your first duty. Only in your spare time must you concentrate on the ultimate Creator ... the essence of which is also in you in form of an Atman.

May God bless you proceed on the noble path chosen by you.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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