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Query: I feel unconditional love for a guy whom I love dearly. I want to marry him?

Vijay Kumar:
Both of you are being pessimistic about life. Things are not that bad for those who trust in God Almighty. How can you pass a judgment on the physical condition of your love mate? God willing... his condition can always improve.

All physical deformities can be corrected to a certain extent by proper physical exercises. It is a different matter that those suffering must have absolute trust in God Almighty. The healing power of faith has unprecedented potentialities. One never knows when the grace of God may befall us.

I would not advise you to marry a person who is not agreeable on the issue. Marriages are made in heaven and human beings only execute them. Absolute reconciliation between the partners and full agreeability is a must. No marriage can sustain for long if it is one-sided... No matter how much one loves another.

Maybe your faith in Almighty God can heal your partner fully. It is but possible. There is nothing impossible with God Almighty. In the domain of God it is the instrument of absolute trust and faith that works... God does not accept physical manifestations in lieu. It is love which works in the domain of God... gold and diamonds carry no value in the house of God. If we believe in God, God also trusts us.

Remember the story of Savitri and Satyavan... it was the bulldog determination and absolute faith in the system of God that made Savitri defeat even King Yama, the Lord of death and bring back Satyavan from the pangs of death.

No doubt every human being is not competent for that. But your willingness to marry one who is practically on death bed can turn the tide in your favor. Do not busy yourself in convincing your beloved that it your final decision and is irrevocable. Tell him in clear terms that you shall marry him and only him come whatever may.

Remember the end scene of Indian movie "Milli" wherein Amitabh Bachan the hero decides to marry Jaya Bhaduri who is suffering from terminal cancer and has a limited tenure of life. Your case is no different. Only the positions are reversed. For a man to remarry is not a taboo in Indian society... but for a woman life is different!

Also do not try to convince your beloved that after his expected death you shall remain a widow. Probably this is the factor which is not appealing to your beloved. Try to convince him on this issue that in the eventuality of his untimely death you may remarry. Whether you remarry or not is not the issue at the moment but that shall make your beloved remove the fear from his thinking of your life going astray after his untimely death.

No husband would desire that in the eventuality of his untimely death... the wife leads the life of a widow at a young age. In the present society this is not something desirable. One must lead the present life based on existing realities of life. Maybe your viewpoint changes later on. All is possible in the domain of God.

Personally, based upon the present circumstances I would not advise you marrying a person if it is almost certain that he is likely to die in a short while from now. One can always remain friends even without marriage. No doubt in our society such friendships rarely exist in case you decide to marry another person. But, you can always wait and watch.

However, if I had been in your place... my decision would probably have been the same as yours. My trust in God is unprecedented. I am in direct communion with God. I can obtain direct guidance from God Almighty. If you feel you also have that gutsy feeling go ahead and do whatever your heart prompts you to do.

Hear the sweet small inner voice which seems to come from within our heart. This is the voice of your atman soul residing in your heart. This voice will never prompt you on the wrong path. If you do whatever your atman soul prompts you to do... you shall always remain happy in life. Never forget this mantra for it is the materialistic riches the world is running after.

None seems to care for the sweet small inner voice which comes from within our heart. This is why we call the present age as Kali Yuga.

Ask your husband to be whether he believes in you! If his answer is yes... tell him clearly that you dearly love him and shall only marry him. If for some reason he expresses his unwillingness in the matter... and no amount of convincing makes him see the light... it is better you forget about him altogether.

In a world populated with about 6000 million people... you shall find another one who dearly loves you... even more than your beloved husband. Despite your trying to convince him if one does not logically try to understand the gravity of your love... this one-sided marriage would never work out. Things are absolutely clear and straightforward.

Take the plunge if your beloved also believes in you to the extent you believe in him. Mind you... the bogey of marriage always successfully travels on two wheels. You must also leave something to God Almighty... and ask your beloved to marry you in the name of God Almighty. Maybe... all fares well in the end.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Power of Unconditional Love explained in words one can easily understand and fathom. For more on endless love visit :  ... Vijay Kumar - 5th June 2010.

Full text of query: I love a guy who is heart patient. I know it is not possible for him to live long but still i want to marry him. He is feeling guilty to marry me he is worried about me. But i want to marry only him. im not intrested in marrying anyone else. I dont know how to convince him for this marriage.

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