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Query: Why are we born... from where we come and after death where we go? Difference between Atman soul and Mann? If Atman soul is amar (immortal), why the need to take a destroyable body? Is Atman soul all powerful. Is anything more powerful than atman soul?

Vijay Kumar:
At that time of the Big Bang... the total Cosmos is but the size us of half a thumb... everything we call and know as Brahmaand (the mighty Cosmos)! Something unbelievable from the point of view of a common man ... yet, it is a true fact of life explained in detail in the Bhagavad Gita also.

This size of the cosmos ... a cluster of pure energy ... the combined forces of all purified Atmans souls in the Brahmaand (Cosmos) ... is what we know as God, the Almighty Creator. The total sum of all purified Atmans souls at a given period of time remains constant and this we designate as the power of God Almighty.

Every Atman soul is but a miniscule form of the bigger atman soul, the Parmatman ... God, the mighty Creator himself. Atman soul is but a part of the puzzle ... God, the Almighty Creator being the whole puzzle. No clustering of thoughts ... everything is absolutely clear!

After the Big Bang has occurred ... all atmans souls get scattered all over the Cosmos... their prime purpose being to get a body so that they can cleanse themselves of all the impurities. For this it has to pass through a chain of 8.4 million manifestations ... a total life span of about 96.4 million years. Every atman soul starts on its cosmic journey as an amoeba and subsequently as a mosquito, futther evoluting into a tree ... then an animal and finally into a human being.

That is all there is to life ... the small span of 70 years in the life of a human being is nothing compared to the total travel of 96.4 million years ... every atman the soul within has to travel in a cosmic life span.

When the body decays and the atman soul looks forward to a new body ... there are three stages it has to undergo ... the first stage being that atman the soul within immediately gets a new body ... if the manifestation occurs immediately then there is no Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell.... atman the soul within has to pass through. These stages are bypassed by atman the soul within.

The second and the third stage is when there are no suitable parents available for the atman soul to manifest (for any Atman soul to manifest ... it needs matching chromosomes of the parents). If for any reason parents with the matching chromosomes are not available then atman the soul within has to wait ... and the waiting is not in vain ... one either gets to live in Swarga Heaven or Naraka hell. Whether we get Heaven (Swarga) or hell (Naraka) is simply dependent upon the theory of Karma. As we sow shall we get!

If we have done pious deeds and have earned Punya Karma in result then we are likely to get Swarga Heaven as an interim a stage. If our deeds weigh us down and are full of sins then we are dumped into the Naraka hell ... the making is all ours ... God does not interfere at any stage ... why blame him all the time. It is the theory of mass karma that USA suffered 9/11 episode. The doing of all the citizens of the USA resulted in their getting what was due to them since a long time. In present times of democracy one cannot forcibly rule the other ... might is not the order of the day. We suffer for our own doings ... none other can be blamed for our sufferings be they on an individual basis or a mass scale. God has made the system like that.

Every atman the soul within ... is always detached from the doings of the body ... yet, the sweet small inner voice which prompts us on the right path every now and then is the promptings of atman soul to the body to follow the right path all the time ... we need to practice patience to hear the sweet small inner voice. It is a lovely experience, which can be expressed only by those who experience it. People with higher Spiritual frame of mind are able to hear the voice more clearly than those at the lower level.

human beings who almost behave like animals are those ignorant beings who permanently suppress hearing the sweet small inner voice ... for them human values have no meaning. For them their atman the soul within is a dead thing. This results in their carrying out heinous crimes all the time ... never heeding to the advice of the Spiritual masters ... not that they do not want to but they have become so thick skinned that the sweet small inner voice stops prompting them permanently ... this is to say that the voice always prompts us but our ignorance prevents us from hearing it.

atman the soul within gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death only after 8.4 million manifestations ... that is cosmic journey of 96.4 million years. The Sacred Bhagavad Gita and various Upanishads corroborate this fact. This is what Bhagavad Gita is all about. Only after that can we say that one has become enlightened ... immortal (amar) forever. It is not that atman the soul within is liberated from day one ... but the sooner it liberates ... attains Moksha ... the journey gets completed.

Similarly as the iron within the iron ore cannot liberate itself without the help of the mining machinery ... similarly every Atman (has to pass through) a chain of manifestations for it to get purified. If we are two separate one KG of pure iron from a lump of hundred KG of iron ore then we need to remove 99 KG of impurities through the process of mining. Only after the impurities are removed can we term one KG of pure iron as a liberated Atman (a liberated soul) ... in other words ... the atman soul has become free of all liabilities and can be termed as having achieved the status of becoming immortal (amar in hinduism).

All purified Atmans souls ... man gods like Lord Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed and even the likes of Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana all fall in the category of immortal souls ... those who in their lifetimes achieved Liberation forever from cycle of Birth and Death leading to their immortality (amaratva in Hinduism).

There is no shortcut path to immortality. In the form of a human being one cannot become immortal. Immortality means soul the atman within has liberated itself from the cycle of birth and that forever. While living these man gods were not immortal but the sooner they left their body they became immortal souls never to return back to cycle of Birth and Death.

There is no power in the Cosmos more powerful than God Almighty ... and as every atman soul is but a miniscule form of the bigger atman soul, the Parmatman ... all properties of Parmatman by default exist in every atman the soul within ... and does this mean the atman soul is all powerful in the Cosmos ... yes, there is nothing more powerful than the atman soul in the Cosmos only next to God.

Atman the soul within is our true inner nature ... it always prompts us on the right path. No one can deny this absolute truth.

Mann (mind) of a human being has no relation whatsoever with atman the soul within ... take one thing for granted that no individual body has an independent mind ... bodies can only have an independent brain ... a receiving and transmitting station for all thoughts. Nothing less or more. When music is relayed from a broadcasting station then two or more persons can simultaneously switch on their transistors or radios and listen to the music.

Similarly, in the cosmic system ... all Jnana wisdom contained in the Cosmos can be invoked by anyone by practicing concentration of our thinking pattern. The thinking prowess every human being possesses has no limits ... we all invoke the thoughts being transmitted from the broadcasting station of the cosmos.... the Mind Plus or the Mind Minus ... if we invoke positive thoughts ... we invoke them from the reservoir of Mind Plus. All negative thoughts emanate from the reservoir of Mind Minus. Our brain only acts as the receiving or the transmitting station ... nothing more or less.

Facts are absolutely clear ... we have only to assimilate them in totality. Mind (whether plus or minus) is the total source of all Jnana wisdom contained in the Cosmos. It is only through practicing Neti and Shruti Jnana can we reach the source of all wisdom Jnana ... once we reach the source we don't need any textbooks to refer. I have never gone through the Bhagavad Gita in my life yet, having Realized God in 1993 ... whatever is contained in Bhagavad Gita is clear to me like ABCD ... it is as if I have written Bhagavad Gita in one of my earlier manifestations. I know it all ... I have reached the source of all wisdom ... there is nothing more for me to know in whole Cosmos (Brahmaand).

Having reached Mount Everest of my spiritual life I have nowhere else to go ... God forbid me to conduct any business after my Realization. I have but to impart whatever I have learnt by the grace of God before I leave this mortal frame. This is the only goal of my last manifestation. I can only attain Moksha Salvation in this life as I have reached the cosmic goal of my life ... the end of 8.4 millionth manifestation. Not necessarily I may have passed through the complete life cycle of 96.4 million years ... I might have cut short my journey in the present life.

This is possible and is explained thus- If I need to go to Bombay ... I can start my journey on foot and subsequently board a bus and finally a flight. Similarly we can cut short the Spiritual journey by having Satsanga and discourses with like-minded people of all Religions and Faiths. Being a Jain does not mean all other Religions and Faiths have no meaning for me. The source of all is the same ... the destination of all is the same. We may take any path but we shall all reach the same goal. God Almighty is only one for all Religions and Faiths. Man gods can be many yet God Almighty is only one.

The moment I Realized God I had to change my name from Vijay Kumar Jain to Vijay Kumar ... all Religions had become one for me ... it was just not possible for me to distinguish between various Religions and Faiths ... I had to lose my surname for I had become free forever. I cannot express in words the happiness (true Ananda) I experienced after Realization. Something that can ever be defined in words.

I had the strongest urge to meet God face-to-face within this life when I was 13 years of age ... it took me full 25 years to achieve the same ... no guilt as now I have the direct blessings of God all the time ... my life was destined like that. To talk to God all the time every moment of my life is something I truly cannot express in words ... one needs to experience the power of Self Realization to understand the inner meaning of what God and atman the soul within is all about.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: as we all know energy is neither created nor destroyed. and it is assumed in our Religion that Atman soul is form of extense energy. then when we born, from where it come and after death where will it go? what should be the origin of Atman? and can we differentiate Atman soul and mann? or they are same? and if Atman soul is amar, what is the need to him to take help one destroyable body? Is Atman soul is superboss or anything is there more powerful than him?

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