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Atman Brahman

How Hinduism believes Atman is Brahman? How Hinduism derived its conclusion? What are the factors responsible for logically believing in Atman as Brahman? What is the say of Bhagavad-Gita... the doctrine given to mankind by Lord Krishna in this matter? The belief of Hinduism that atman is Brahman... is it absolute or conditional?

How do Important Books and Writings of Hinduism... Sacred Hindu texts like Vedas (Hinduism revelations)... Upanishads (independent treatises) relate to atman and Brahman? In a nutshell every single sacred Hindu text confirms that atman is distinct from Brahman, yet it can also be termed a mini Brahman! Every single soul Atman is God Almighty in minuscule form! How?

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  • Abode of Souls Atmans World Destructed by Global Warming
    We also need to understand that unless all the Atmans connected to the core of the sun get enlightened and finally reach the stage of salvation moksha in Hinduism, they cannot get away from the clutches of the solar system
  • Are Atman Soul restricted to Planet Earth only
    All the atman soul existing on Mother Earth would remain tied to Mother Earth until and unless each of them attains the stage of salvation moksha in Hinduism
  • Atman Soul Hinduism Atman Self Inner Self God
    Having crossed the threshold of cosmic life the dross within having removed forever, our soul the Atman within shines in its cosmic glory having attained full purity. Our soul the atman within is liberated forever! There shall not be any more manifestation for this atman the soul within
  • Atman Soul Definition Spirituality Hindu Atman Brahman
    Every atman soul is but a miniscule form of the bigger atman soul, the Parmatman God, the mighty Creator himself. Atman soul is but a part of the puzzle, God Almighty being the whole puzzle. No clustering of thoughts everything is absolutely clear
  • Atman Soul Inner Self
    Atman soul the inner self of a being and particularly in respect of a human being is the real absolute essence of life. It is Atman the Soul within the true real inner self of us present within every human being that has for its purification taken a body
  • Hinduism Atman is Brahman Define Explain
    The whole creation forms when Brahman God Almighty, the cluster of all purified souls atmans in cosmos explodes self!
  • Atman Soul and Inner Self
    Yes, it is true that although some forms of animals realize the presence of a higher power within their inner self but that is a very faint feeling. The absence of power of discrimination and thinking in the animals leads them to a barbaric attitude

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