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Strange Cosmos Cosmos is Beginningless Existence of Universe

Query: i am inclined towerds the almighty. I want to know -how I can visualise him- talk to him? What is beginningless? Is god there?

Vijay Kumar:
You have come unto this world on your own or has some one else brought you into this world. If the some one has is your parents (you might think so) ... you are mistaken ... Human Beings do not have the power to create even a small pebble ... what to talk of creating a baby!

Either we believe in God or we don't ... we are a theist or an atheist. There is nothing in between. Why keep ourselves in doubt all the time. Miracles do happen ... who owns them ... none else but God. It is only the grace of God that some sages are able to penetrate the domain of God and make some unexpected happenings come true and by the masses it is termed as "a miracle".

Your confusion stems from the fact that within your thinking you are not yet clear whether there is a God or not. Secondly, if there is a God, the Creator then who created the Creator himself. and if there is another Creator who created God than the question would be ... who created the Creator who created the God.

There is no end to it ... hence the saying that Cosmos is beginning less. and what do we in fact mean when we say that, " the Cosmos is without a beginning".

Concentrate on the end of cosmos ... what beyond ... is there a boundary we shall come across. If so ... then what beyond! We shall not get anywhere whatsoever ... no physicist or a Spiritual preacher is competent enough to answer this query ... the prime reason why Ramakrishna Paramhansa termed this whole Cosmos as a work of Maya ... an illusion.

According to Ramakrishna Paramhansa ... the world itself is an illusion ... and he is absolutely right.

If we look at the Cosmos from the angle of our physical senses then everything has a shape and meaning. If we breakup the whole Cosmos into atoms and molecules then everything is nothing but of a gaseous nature. What of the shapes and their meanings! They are all lost. In the realm of Atmans (our soul) ... there are no physical shapes. All is but an energy form. Likewise, as God is absolute pristine pure cluster of energy.

Once we become clear on the fact that cosmos does not have a boundary then we need to think that everything exists from times immemorial ... that is without a beginning! We have to bear with this fact ... the existence of God is confirmed by the fact that we all have an atman soul, (soul) within us. and what is a soul ... it is but a minuscule form of God ... a part of the bigger puzzle. The whole complete puzzle is God and every individual part is an atman soul in its purified form.

To understand the nature of God we need to have absolute faith in the working of the Creator ... after all some one created the Cosmos ... whoever it may be ... and we have to abide by the fact that Cosmos being beginning less ... yet, God Almighty exists. Even every atheist though not believing in the existence of God believe in the presence of an energy source, which runs the whole Cosmos.

Call it by the name of water (in English), Jal (in Hinduism) or paani (by the Muslim community) ... the meaning is the same. Call it God or an energy source ... the fact remains a fact.

Unless we have full faith in the existence of God ... life continues in a state of confusion. Nothing happens on its own ... as a human being cannot create even a pebble or a leaf ... the coincidences are not a doing of something unknown ... all coincidences are a result of the doing of God ... the perfect system he has created ... nothing errs in the system of God ... all works in natural harmony.

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist has stated in his book "a brief history of time" that God plays dice at a certain stage in time". He is absolutely mistaken ... God never plays dice ... all and everything in the system of God is so perfectly managed that none can ever find anything going wrong at any stage ... all is the result of a absolute perfect planning!

If we are to suffer then we have done such a Karma that we cannot avoid the sufferings ... none can change this ... if we are to remain happy all the time then we are to perform our Karma in a way that we are always blessed by God. We need to earn Punya Karma to live a life of happiness all the time.

If our deeds are sinful in nature then we are bound to suffer. Nothing ever goes wrong in the system of God ... when our pot of life reaches its zenith then none can stop our atman the soul within in getting a new body ... a new life.

Do we ever see any planet or a star colliding with another all of a sudden ... never! Such happenings can never happen all of a sudden ... every calamity is the result of a mass Karma that has been performed by the community ... why blame God for our doings!

If we come across any untoward happening in our life ... it is based on the performance of our Karma ... we cannot hope to reap mangoes on a guava tree. Only by having full faith in the existence of God that we can continue journey of our spiritual life. The word Spirituality stems from spirit and spirit is nothing else but the power of atman the soul within.

It is only we Human Beings who have the power to think can make out the difference between man and God ... for animals like lion ... every other animal is food ... Atman within an animal carry no meaning for the lion but for a human being even trees have an Atman within.

Cutting a tree without a valid reason does not earn us Punya Karma ... we become a sinner in the eyes of God and unless we repay God shall never forgive us.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: I am confused. Since childhood ,i am inclined towerds the almighty. Now,whenever I am in trouble ,I seek for almighty's help,once the problem is over,I think is he there,or it was a coincidence.I have seen saibaba in dreams,the words have come true in the course of time,I feel it as a co-incidence.I want to know- how I can visualise him, talk to him? If God has created the Universe-from where has come his existence? What is beginningless? Is god there? I wish god is there! Would you pls. help me with my latest confusion?

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