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Query: Can sensual pleasure help become one with the infinite consciousness?

Vijay Kumar:
Sensual pleasure and infinite consciousness (related to spirituality) are absolutely different domains. None can transgress the boundaries of the other. Sensual pleasure is limited by the body... infinite consciousness is the domain of God Almighty. If we desire merging with the bigger whole (God Almighty)... we need to travel the spiritual path! No exceptions!

In the spiritual domain God does not permit sensual pleasures, as they decrease our virility. If we desire climbing Mount Everest ... we need to preserve all our energies. No denying the fact that god permits sexual pleasure a maximum of two times in a month. That is the end of it all. If we abstain and divert our energies to the goal of life... Hopefully we can experience infinite consciousness within this life! What even if we cover 99 per cent in this life and leave the mortal frame!

The engine of our spiritual life starts only at hundred... anything less won't do! What if we near our goal... we do not know what body we manifest next. Sensual pleasures are taboo in the spiritual realm... To reach the top of Empire State building we need to catch the escalator (the lift), staircase won't do. We need to awaken our kundalini, which requires a minimum of 14 years of absolute abstinence from sensual pleasures. Only after full awakening of the kundalini do we hope to reach the top... Never before! Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed (all man gods) practiced complete sexual abstinence for minimum 14 years... only then did they reach desired destination in life.

The system was made by God... the path is difficult. For the serious seekers of Spirituality... the inclination to merge with the whole is realized when we preserve our energies. To catch the lift of life, reach the top in shortest possible time (gain Self Realization aka enlightenment)... become a man god like Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed... we need to abstain from sensual pleasures!

Every atman the soul within is ever longing to merge with infinite consciousness, the domain of God Almighty. Acharya Rajneesh (more popularly known as osho) practiced Spirituality at its extreme yet failed in the last leg of his spiritual life. Why? For the simple reason... he mixed Spirituality with sensual pleasures and sex. He committed one mistake that cost him dearly.

There was a time when Acharya Rajneesh had a fleet of about hundred Rolls Royce at his command... all gifted to him by his wellwishers and followers world-wide mostly in USA. Yet, when he fell from grace and was turned out of USA (rather thrown out) he had no place to go, as no country in the world was willing to accept him. It was only his motherland, India that came to his rescue. What a disgraceful end of life for such a serious seeker of Spirituality!

Sex is just a sensual pleasure. I remember the day when I was quite ahead on the path of spirituality. One day it so happened that when I went to a party I was offered hard drinks. My advice to my friends fell on deaf ears. When I told my friends that I was on cloud 9... They could not understand why I was feeling so high. Even the best scotch whisky could not give me a boost I was experiencing that day. Those were the days when most of the time I was in Nirvikalpa Samadhi talking to God (on one-to-one basis). It was the highest peak I ever achieved in my materialistic life.

Sensual pleasure is not a permanent feature. Had it been so... the system of god would have been different. God did not desire to engage us in matters non spiritual while proceeding on the path of spirituality. We cannot simultaneously get the best of both worlds... We need to sacrifice one to enter another. Materialistic riches, sensual pleasures, fulfillment of wanton desires on one side and a bulldog determination (like that of Winston Churchill) to achieve the desired goal of spiritual life (merge with the infinite consciousness)... both cannot go together. So is not the system of God... the prime reason why people in the west suffer from insomnia. Even while possessing everything one could ever aspire for (in the materialistic world)... people opt for the sleeping pill for a good nights' sleep.

What use of such materialistic achievements if we are not happy from within... the feeling of bliss one encounters while proceeding on the path of spirituality can never be expressed in words. Bliss is something that can only be experienced by one who reaches the stage of nirvikalpa samadhi (the state of absolute nothingness). This is possible only after taking absolute control of the senses... and the mind. Practicing Neti (as advocated and practised by Maharishi Ramana)... one finally reaches the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

A stage when one desires to be alone... the time of reconciliation with God Almighty. This is the time when our real self (our atman, the soul within) merges with the whole (even though for short periods). Practicing sexual inhibition (controlled sex) never helps... we still lose our virility. Whatever is lost is regained but the monthly dose given by God Almighty is small. It forces us taking the longer path (the staircase). If we truly desire to merge with infinite consciousness... For a few moments of sensual pleasure we must not forsake our whole life! No end of miseries... if we indulge! To do or not to do... is the real essence of spiritual life!

We practice sexual pleasures while living family life. If we divert ourselves towards more greener pastures... there is no end to the miseries we might face. Extra marital sex is just not permitted in spiritual domain... not even once a month. We need to feel contented with what we have... only if we truly desire to merge with the infinite consciousness!

Acharya Rajneesh practiced free sex... in the last leg of his life he preached what you desire above... merging with infinite consciousness even while practicing sensual pleasures. He was wrong... controlled sex never takes one towards merging with the whole. It is only a moments pleasure and everything is lost. You need to decide what you truly desire first... to merge with the whole... or the sensual pleasures! You cannot have the best of both the worlds. I have traveled this journey long ago... I speak from experience. Things not permitted on the spiritual path are just to be avoided. No liberties... no sensual thoughts... absolute concentration on the goal. The desire to merge with absolute consciousness is possible when we travel the spiritual path with only a single desire... a single goal!

You require 14 years of sexual abstinence in continuation... you can have the best of your life right now! Else enjoy life and after you exhaust self from materialistic pursuits and wanton desires... travel the path of spirituality! It is up to you when you want to enter the domain of infinite consciousness!

Here I shall quote an example experienced by Buddha -
Gautama Buddha, the moment he decided that the materialistic world was not for him... left his kingdom. Abandoning his clothes (absolutely naked) he went to the dense forests (deep jungles)... where even the fearless would fear to tread. He had a company of few pupils with him. No one to guide... he tried his best to gain wisdom but failed. He returned to the society and tried again. He could not but gain self realization. He suffered a lot... it was only at the ripened age of 81 he gained enlightenment (Realized God). The moment this happened he felt so happy that he left the mortal frame immediately thereafter.

The prime reason why Gautama Buddha advocated the middle path! Neither in the confines of the deep dense forests (jungles)... nor living in the society could one gained enlightenment (Realize God). So he advocated the middle path. Without having burnt our Karma (without having completed responsibilities of our manifested form)... none could achieve the spiritual goal of ones life. We just cannot run away from our responsibilities... we need to complete them first. Only then can we venture into the jungles (forests) in search of spiritual solace and wisdom.

Gautama Buddha left his wife and children in sleep... he left for the confines of the jungles without having burnt his Karma. It was all a big mistake on the part of his father yet, he blamed none. For many years his wife tried to regain him back to family fold... she failed. She failed to realize that those who travel the spiritual path with a zeal and determination never look back. The determination in Gautama Buddha had so firmed up in earlier years of his life... getting him back to family fold was just impossible. Even the sight of his child did not deter Gautama Buddha from the spiritual goal he had fixed in life.

Gautama Buddha lived a life of great sufferings... he tormented himself to the extreme in order to learn the inner truths hidden in the sacred Scriptures of the world. In his time he did not have a Guru to guide him... he had to find his own path. He eventually did but after a long span of sufferings.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Vijay, what say you of sensual pleasure? Does right concentration applied to sexual pleasure outside of marriage harm an adept striving to become whole, at one with the infinite consciousness?

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