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What is the purpose of life

Query: I am not satisfied with life. What is the purpose of life. Why are we living?

Vijay Kumar:
The whole Cosmos ... everything contained in the Cosmos ... all galaxies, stars is but the size of half a thumb at the beginning of the cosmos (and also at the time of the pralaya ... end of cosmos). No human being can ever conceptualize the massive energy this half the size of a thumb carries. At the time of pralaya (end of cosmos) ... everything whatever is contained in the Cosmos collapses ... and the whole system is reduced to the size of half a thumb.

And what is the meaning of this half the size of a thumb as stated in Bhagavad Gita (the doctrine dictated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata). Does it mean that this half the size of a thumb which comprises of only pure energy ... the combined power of all Atmans souls in the cosmos is related to God ... Yes, this defines what God, in the Almighty Creator is all about. We can safely define God Almighty as the collective power of all purified Atmans in the beginning of the cosmos ... the Parmatman (Brahman) ... the power of the Creator.

Bhagavad Gita states that by default ... in whatever stage they may be ... all Atmans souls at the time of pralaya come to their 8.4millionth manifestation ... the last goal of cosmic life. The journey having ended for every atman the soul within ... all atmans souls at the time of pralaya (end of cosmos) get liberated from cycle of Birth and Death forever. It is free for all. All Jivas attain Moksha Salvation. One may be in the stage of the mosquito; a plant, animal and all Human Beings ... all attain Moksha Salvation.

After the pralaya (end of cosmos) occurs ... all Atmans (after their purification) combine together and this is what the half the size of a thumb is all about. This massive source of energy is unable to retain itself. God explodes with a Big Bang (the theory of Big Bang was being disputed by scientists for hundreds of years ... it is only about 30 years before that a consensus was built confirming formation of the cosmos by Big Bang). The scientific system needs proof.

All god realized souls ... be they Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana ... all knew this absolute truth. But kept mum in the matter ... they knew very well that the masses would not believe in the concept, as the scientific society required proof and Spiritual masters never have one.

Spiritual masters ... man gods ... god realized souls ... know the absolute truth yet, why face the axe unnecessarily ... if they can avoid it. It is only faith in the system of God that proofs are always not necessary in the Spiritual realm. The smell of a flower can always be felt but if the scientific society demands a proof then none on Mother Earth can show one the smell. Yes, it can be felt ... we all can feel the smell of a flower and the society has indirectly got a proof ... it believes the concept.

After the occurrence of the Big Bang ... all atmans souls contained in half the size of a thumb ... scatter all over the Cosmos. In the process they accumulate impurities. Now nature (matter) also has a role to play. Only after merging with nature (matter) ... all Atmans are required to proceed on their cosmic journey ... a journey of 8.4 million manifestations ... a total of 96.4 million years. A long journey indeed. These purified Atmans accumulate the dross while merging into the wide expanse of the cosmos (the matter).

If we rollout a drop of nectar in the vast expanse of the cosmos ... then after it has traveled considerable distance it would not remain a drop ... it will become a massive ball ... any size depending on how far it has traveled. Impurities will attach themselves to this drop of nectar and this drop will go on increasing in size. If we presume that this drop of nectar is a pure Atman soul in the initial stages of the Big Bang ... then this massive ball before it comes back to its original size of a drop will have to pass through a total of 8.4 million manifestations (96.4 million years of cosmic life).

Here I shall explain in detail how an atman the soul within ... frees itself forever from cycle of Birth and Death. We must always remember that the sum total of the cosmos at any stage has always to remain zero. If we have God at plus hundred then the power of Satan is also at minus hundred. We have fire ... we also have water. We have plus ... and also a minus. We have day ... we also have a night. As the sum total of anything must always remain zero ... it is the positive power of the combined Atmans souls in the Cosmos that ultimately govern the system.

Had it not been so ... we would have seen Adharma (lawlessness) dominating the society. It is not that Adharma (lawlessness) does not take control of the society ever... it does, but only for shorter periods of time. Eventually ... comes a Lord Krishna or a Bhagwan Kalki ... to relieve us all of the ills prevalent in the society.

If there is one KG of silver in a lump of hundred KG of silver ore then we need to process this lump ... pass it through various processes of mining before this one KG of silver can be separated. Initially after we have removed all the dirt we shall still have about 85 KG of silver ore. Now in this 85 KG of silver ore we have one KG of pure silver. As we sequentially pass this lump through the various processes of removing the dross within the silver ore ultimately we shall have one KG of pure silver. All 99% impurities removed ... this one KG of pure silver is free forever from the impurities contained therein.

This one KG of pure silver is an atman soul that has liberated itself forever from cycle of Birth and Death (the mining process). It could not have purified itself on its own. One KG of pure silver can never be separated from the silver ore without passing it through the requisite process of mining. At every stage of life ... be it 100 KG, or 85 KG or 10 KG ... one KG of silver was always present in the silver ore. Similarly, atman the soul within is always pure yet it is to be separated from the dross contained within it. For removing the dross within atman the soul within it has to manifest a body.

As an atman the soul within cannot purify itself on its own ... It needs a body (the mining machinery ... process of Karma). and thus is born a Jiva ... a living being. It is a long journey for atman the soul within ... a long process of Karma ... before atman the soul within can cleanse itself and finally liberate forever from cycle of Birth and Death ... come to its original pristine pure form (one KG of pure silver).

Right from the first manifestation as an amoeba, subsequently insects, then a plant, further an animal and finally as a human being ... it requires an atman the soul within ... a total of 8.4 million manifestations. atman the soul within has to travel from one form of life to another for a total of 8.4 million lives. In the human form itself there are about 1.1 million manifestations. It is a long journey ... god does not desire people to cut short their journey and come back to its abode ... gain enlightenment ... the life of a human being of 70 to 80 years is negligible compared to the total travel of 96.4 million years by atman the soul within.

Yet, it is only in form of a human being that atman the soul within can realize its true form ... come back to its original pristine pure form (one KG of silver) ... for doing so Atman requires the medium of Karma. It is only this residual Karma that gets carried on from one life to another. It is simply like a balance sheet prepared by a chartered accountant. If our deeds in this life are so that we are to get a birth in a farmer's house then none including God Almighty can change the destiny of the Jiva. We reap ... what we sow! Nothing more or less. We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree.

The residual Karma of this life is the closing balance of all the lives up to the present. The opening balance of the next life would be the closing balance of the present life ... if we are born on number 43 and only after crossing number 40 the animal life migrates to a human body then if in this life we commit sins which gets us minus number four then in the next life at number 39 we cannot expect to have the body of a human being. we be born only as an animal. Bhagavad Gita is absolutely and explicitly clear about it. No arguments.

After the occurrence of the Big Bang and passage of about billions of years ... there comes a stage in the life of the cosmos that some planets form around solar systems. and when it is conducive for the Atmans souls to manifest a body we find life on the planet. In our solar system it was only mother earth where the climate was conducive for Atmans souls to germinate ... and hence the development of mankind and other species and forms of life.

It is important to remember that in the cosmic system it is not possible for an atman the soul within to crossover the threshold of the solar system unless our atman the soul within has liberated forever from cycle of Birth and Death. Only after God Realization that the liberated atman the soul within can migrate from one solar system to another ... one galaxy to another ... from one part of the cosmos to another.

Every thought invoked by Human Beings is passed on to us through the center of the sun. Sun acts as a receiving and transmitting station (relay station) for all thoughts connected to mother earth. In every solar system there is only one relay station and all atmans souls are governed by the respective Sun. None can interfere in the system of God ... it is just not permitted. The total of 8.4 million manifestations ... the total cosmic journey of 96.4 million years is required by the atman soul to be spent within the gravitational pull of the solar system.

Our birth and death is not in our control ... yet, life is so beautiful ... god looked forward to it that if there are pleasures ... there should be pain otherwise life would become monotonous and boring. Such things are only permitted in Swarga Heaven ... wherein every atman soul only enjoys the fruits of its labor. In Swarga Heaven Atmans are not required to work. All desires get fulfilled just by wishing them.

Every living being has to live its own life ... we continue to carry on with our Karma in one life after another ... only then shall our atman the soul within can get liberated from the cycle of various manifestations. The system of God is so ... we are not supposed to interfere in the system of his. Yes, by performing the requisite Karma in a particular life span we can change our destiny ... not otherwise. Having born as a farmers son I can definitely marry the kings daughter provided my Karma permits that (I shall be required to do my Karma in a fashion to crossover to the particular threshold) ... one can always break the shackles of destiny and take absolute control of ones destiny if one truly desires so.

Otherwise, how is it possible that Bill Gates who in this earlier stages of life was turned out of the school ... is the richest man on Mother Earth ... and commands a battery of technocrats working under him. So many people world-wide take the charge of their destiny by committing themselves to a particular life style ... they all have only one zeal ... to reach the goal of their life within this life ... as who knows what would one be in the next life.

Swami Vivekananda wanted to have a darshan of God Almighty ... he searched for many years and the moment he came in contact with Ramakrishna Paramhansa ... his wish was fulfilled. The Bulldog determination (the likes of Winston Churchill) ... practicing absolute patience and persistence and the will to succeed ... are all ingredients necessary to climb to the top. We do not pass life on Mother Earth because we have been willed to do so ... we have to live our life. Our atman the soul within is the essence ... it does not enforce upon us to live compulsorily ... it is a part of us ... sitting in the heart it always guides us on the right path ... that sweet small inner voice always prompting from within whenever we tend to go on the wrong path.

Our atman the soul within ... is our true self ... and if we desire Liberation then is it wrong for atman the soul within to pursue the goal of its life ... yes, the value of the body compared to atman the soul within is negligible yet, every atman the soul within requires a body in every manifested life for it to regain its pristine pure original form. Kosnam, It is not that we are living ... the ego of a human being prompts us to believe that human being is all powerful ... true, but it has a purpose ... the body has been manifested by atman the soul within ... the cause why one needs to dissolve his ego forever before one merges with the supreme whole.

Many people ask me, why must we work for atman the soul within ... the body is being taken for a ride by atman the soul within ... as the fruits of the Karma are for atman the soul within and not for the body ... it is better we commit suicide so that we can have a better life the next time. After having committed a sin of the order of suicide ... can we hope to have a better life in next manifestation? Never ... we can even be reverted back to the animal kingdom. Why challenge the authority of his. Why not all of us strive for gaining Self Realization ... the ultimate goal of all life on Mother Earth.

Self Realization which is in the normal circumstances expected to be achieved after 8.4 million manifestations ... is not as simple a task as it may seem to be. Gautama Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, prophet Mohammed, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana all Realized God within their lifetime. In the last about hundred and fifty years it is only Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana who have Realized God.

Self Realization in a particular life is possible only after we establish firmly the goal of our present life. At 11 years of age I had a very strong inkling from within that I must have a darshan of God Almighty within this life come whatever may. By the age of 13 years my resolve was permanent. Even if I had to leave the family I shall do so in search of God.

I was prepared to leave everything and anything. My only goal all the time being to locate the hidden God. (There were times in my life as a child when having confirmed no one was looking at me I used to open up all boxes and Almirahs with the hope to locate God somewhere ... a wishful thinking!)

I knew well that God was not present in statues in the temples ... worshiping a statue in the temple was only a medium for offering our Prayers to God Almighty. How my father taught me the art of Shavasana, when I came in contact with the process of Neti (the art of elimination) followed by Maharishi Ramana ... the doctrine of anekantavada and Syadvada propagated by Mahavira ... are but some of the ingredients on the path of Self Realization. The journey of Self Realization is an absolute commitment towards God ... there are no shortcuts ... practicing of Celibacy for a continuous period of 12 years is a must.

Every human being has the power to Realize God ... whether we shall be able to start on the journey within this life or the next is to be decided by us alone. In the history of mankind there have been many men who Realized God but only two woman Realized God in their lifetime ... one was Gargi and the other Maitreyi, one of the wives of Sage Yajnavalkya.

The Gargi and the Maitreyi colleges in New Delhi are built in their memory. This indicates that the path definitely is difficult yet not unachievable. To be born as a farmers son and ultimately marrying the daughter of the King is something that propels one towards a noble goal as Self Realization. A fixed and firm determination to come to face-to-face with God in this life only can propel one on the path of God Realization.

The day the last query within us dissolves ... we shall come face-to-face with God ... Realize God that very moment. You can continue interacting with me through mail ... sending your queries as and when convenient to you.

May God bless you in your endeavors!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: i have a small business. I am not satisfied with the life i am leading, i feel that there is something else which i need to know. i am search of a person who can tell me what is the purpose of life.. Why are we living? what are we suppose to do on this earth? are we here only to spend our life time on this earth, and await for the death? how to realize self or god? awaiting for your reply...... K. back to what is the purpose of life

Why are we living

Query: Why are we living? Why do we live? What is the essence of life?

Vijay Kumar:

Your query primarily relates to, "why do we live", "why are we living", "What is the essence of life" etc... In reality every human being experiences all what you have said at some point of time. These experiences confirm one fact that body is not the essence of life. We invariably come to an understanding that within our body exists a higher form of life we call our soul atman!

The relationship between the body and the atman soul must be clearly understood. Our body is meant to live an average life of about 70 to 80 years whereas our atman the soul within is on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations altogether. It is a long journey indeed for the total journey would require approximately 96.4 million earthly years.

Now one thing must be clearly understood... our atman soul (the inner self existing within us) is the real essence of life. It cannot be destroyed or eliminated by any means. It is our atman soul which has manifested the body and never otherwise. Our body is not capable enough to manifest an atman soul.

This atman the soul within our body is a miniscule form of God Almighty. It is a source of energy which cannot be seen but only felt. Whenever we tend to go wrong in the journey of life... the sweet small inner voice of our atman soul always tries to prompt us from within on the right path. Whether we follow it or not is our absolute prerogative.

Having understood the crux of life that our true inner self (our atman the soul within) residing in our heart is finally governing... we need to understand why our atman soul required manifesting a body... the physical self of us! and once this concept is clear to us many questions which arise in your mind cease to exist.

Having born a human being we tend to rejoice within the confines of available comforts of life. Our body governed by the five senses and the mind makes us do that. The wanton tendencies within every human being lurches for the materialistic riches in life. But this is not the desire of atman the soul within us.

atman the soul within us on its cosmic journey desires that the body must perform as per its dictates. This is seldom followed by most human beings. The cravings within every human being make us follow the materialistic path. and this builds up stresses and tensions within every human being.

Although God Almighty has built up the cosmic system in a fashion that atman the soul within our body requires a long journey of 8.4 million manifestations, yet every atman soul desires completing the journey at the earliest. Understanding the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna makes us dive deep into the pearls of wisdom to reach the end of cosmic journey early. But to understand Bhagavad Gita is the most difficult task of all.

In a nutshell the crux of life is that we must plan our goal of life. If we seek materialistic riches in life then we need not indulge in understanding our atman the soul within us. Simply said we are taking the normal road to life. I must point here at any stage of life we can always divert our self on the spiritual path... the journey which takes us deep into the inner domains of our atman soul.

In the physical manifested world we experience happiness and sufferings. To shape a metal we require to heat and beat it. Similar things happen to human beings also. Unless we have the sufferings... the value of happiness can never be truly understood. If we have fire we also have water. We have day... we also have nights.

In the cosmic system the sum total of all at any given point of time must always remain zero. If we have God at plus hundred... we also have Satan at minus hundred. The senses and the mind are under the control of Satan all the time. It is the prayers addressed to God which pave way towards pure spirituality.

How we maintain a balance in our physical form of life is purely dependent upon us. We may limit our materialistic tendencies or we may let them lose is our prerogative. In the present Kali Yuga phase of life we find most do not want to control their inherent wanton desires. Everyone wants to be rich within a day. This gives rise to instability within our body. Sometimes we may feel extreme happiness and at other times the sufferings also follow.

No human being experiences only sufferings. This is just not possible. It is only in the spiritual domain that spiritual masters experience inner peace all the time. If we truly desire happiness and bliss all the time... we must proceed towards our spiritual goal of life and understand the real inner self of us.

As the true inner self of us is always governing... whenever we are lonely we find that it is not worthwhile pursuing material riches in life. But imagine a situation that there is a marriage in the family short while from now. and the marriage is also of ones younger sister or brother. The happiness one imagines on such an occasion makes us indulge in all things ephemeral. At this point of time we are far away from our spiritual goal of life.

Does this mean we were wrong in celebrating the marriage? No! Marriage is also a part of life. If we celebrate it with full zeal and vigor... we definitely have transgressed more into the material riches of life but that does not mean we have indulged in that. We must always try to perform our karma in a nishkama way.

By performing nishkama Karma... we do not bind ourselves with the karma performed. This was practiced by King Janaka all the time (father of Sita in Ramayana). King Janaka was a nishkama karma yogi par excellence. JRD Tata was able to emulate King Janaka to an extent. He lived like a true trustee always considering that nothing ever belonged to him.

It is only when one binds bodily self to the karma performed that we experience sufferings. The experience of Bhagavad Gita gives us unlimited bliss. We have to choose the path. It is the prerogative of every human being to choose the ultimate goal of present life. Unless we have a fixed goal in life... nothing much can be achieved. Rather we shall most of the time face sufferings.

Now back to the base question, as to "why our atman soul required manifesting a body?"

I shall explain this phenomenon in brief...

After the big bang occurred and all atman souls scattered all over the Cosmos... for these souls' atmans to come back to their pristine pure original form... they required to go through a chain of manifestations. Similar like the metal in the ore cannot separate the dross from within on its own. Every atman soul thus manifests one body after another to purify itself of the impurities contained within.

This need for atmans souls to manifest bodies one after another is the prime cause of creation of the cosmos. It is only thence the atmans souls will regain their pristine glory... the original pure form. Only then a human being gains moksha salvation and the soul atman goes back to the kingdom of God (called Vaikuntha in Hinduism).

God bless you.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Religion and Spirituality difference - brief Audio Hindi (66.6 MB)
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Full text of query: I went through a phase at a younger age where I knew knowing about themselves completely is really difficult. If u really know about yourself completely, then you will never feel like being in this physical world. Might be, I was in search for what am I at that point of time. I used to ask many questions to myself and just be in search for the same. At the same time, I feel like enjoying socially with everyone in this physical world.

Sometimes, I don't want to be alone. Why am I like this? Sometimes I feel what's there in this world and will feel to be in search of God and know about him and sometimes I feel there's a lot to do over here. But, I don't know what it is. Do help me understand the situation I am going through. Is it right or wrong?  K back to why are we living

Is there life after death

Query: Can we explain Hindu Theology without bringing in the concept of previous birth?

Vijay Kumar:
Can we try to explain the concept of a flower without making one feel the smell of a flower? If I need to explain the concept of milk ... than I need to also explain the source from where the milk is derived ... how the cow is fed with the grass ... and for the grass to grow we need big fields ... and if these fields are not cultivated how do we expect to get good quality milk!

On earthly plane, we visualize everything from the point of view of senses. Anything beyond the concept of senses is not clearly understood. To understand the entity of a human being ... we need to understand who created it and the purpose behind its creation. The human body is not a creation of the mankind ... it is our atman the soul within which has manifested the body ... in the cosmic life span of 8.4 million manifestations (a total cosmic journey of 96.4 million years) ... what is the value of a 70 to 80 years life span of a human being?

We need to understand the basics ... it is Atman (our soul within) that is governing ... it has taken the body and not the vice versa. Our atman the soul within needs a series of manifestations for it to liberate from cycle of Birth and Death forever. The form of a human being is the last leg in the theory of evolution. Before the atman soul has manifested a human body for the first time ... it has already passed through the various phases of evolution ... the body of an amoeba to start with, then an insect, a plant and finally being born as an animal.

How in the circumstances it is possible that we can even think of understanding the concept of the cosmos in Hinduism or any Religion of the world unless we understand the underlying truth ... the truth of our atman the soul within. It is only the ego of a human being that sometimes prevents us from assuming that there is a God. There are Human Beings who want to become immortal in the present life and that to in the physical manifest form. How can that be possible ... it is our atman the soul within which get liberated from cycle of Birth and Death ... it is our atman the soul within which becomes free forever ... what is the significance of a human being except that it helps atman the soul within to expedite the journey.

The concept of a previous birth or the next birth is misunderstood. There is nothing of this nature that exists in the cosmic system. Had Human Beings possessed the power to be reborn ... if only it was the human being, which had manifested the atman soul, only then this anomaly would have truthfully stood its ground. We are born and we die ... nothing is in our control ... the governing factor for every human being is Karma ... the residual Karma from each birth manifested by an atman the soul within which gets carried forwarded onto the next life through the chromosomes.

We Human Beings are really to be pitied upon ... we do not have the power even to create the smallest particle existing in the Cosmos ... yet, it is only as a Human Being that an atman the soul within can get liberated ... in no other life form can one achieve Moksha Salvation ... the highest and the ultimate power available in the cosmos is still with a human being ... the power to realize self and merge with the absolute consciousness.

Every seed in the Cosmos in order to germinate needs conducive environment ... after it grows into a beautiful tree ... can this tree be proud of its own self ... knowing well that whatever flowers and the fruits it produces can never be enjoyed by the tree itself. The fruits are meant for atman the soul within ... the tree only has to carry out its duty ... its Karma and wither out at the appropriate time. After the death of the tree ... the new seeds thus produced shall again get a new life ... manifest as a new plant ... totally unconnected with the earlier plant life (manifestation).

What is it that makes us believe in the system of God ... in this life I may be a very nice person ... never having committed a sin in life ... yet I may suffer at the hands of God. My only son dies. What was the logic behind this unless, the residual Karma of atman soul of my son had to suffer because of the sins in the past life. In this life we do not have any control whatsoever over the actions of the past life. The residual Karma of which none has any knowledge is governing. We reap ... what we sow! Nothing more or less. In the balance sheet of life ... everything gets squared up maybe not within this life ... maybe in the next or the next life.

What we actually desire is that Human Beings must live in the present ... why brood over the past or the future ... agreed! Who desires to venture into the areas of which we have no knowledge or control? Yet, when an untoward incident occurs in life that is not related to the deeds of this life ... we all get affected. We are bitterly disappointed with the system of God ... why are we made to suffer in this life for the actions of our earlier lives. Why did God made such a system?

In the cosmic hierarchy ... the system is like that-
Suppose I have been awarded a lottery that states that I am entitled to a journey in first-class in the first train to any destination within the country. Now the next train that arrives in the station is a passenger train ... it does not have a first-class. What is the alternative ... I have to wait ... I have to wait for the next train ... the next life (the next manifestation) to occur before the deed can be executed. The prime reason why we sometimes get rewarded in this life all of a sudden because of actions in the past life. Our deeds in present life did not command any reward but nonetheless we were rewarded for the actions of the past life.

The cosmic system created by God is like that ... we do not have the power to interfere. If you do not believe or want to believe in the system of God ... who cares! The switching over of the residual Karma from one life to another cannot be compared to the pending work as stated by you. The comparison made by you is absolutely wrong. in present life you must have observed that whenever a chartered accountant prepares balance sheet ... then whatever is the closing balance of this year is carried forward to the next year. In the balance sheet of the coming year the opening balance is the closing balance of the earlier year (the earlier manifested life) ... the balance sheet goes on and so does the company ... similarly, in the balance sheet of life ... the opening balance ... the residual Karma gets automatically transferred to the next life.

Do not try to view the cosmic system as a human being as senses have their limitations. It is only beyond when we rise above the mundane matters ... higher on the Spiritual plane ... become god realized ... only then can we correctly understand the system of God. Senses were created by God to live the physical manifested life in a coordinated manner. Standing on the ground floor of the Empire State building you cannot try to visualize the whole of New York ... the vision is not available ... you need to climb to the top to see the whole of New York and beyond. and for this you need to awaken your kundalini ... unless and until our kundalini is fully awakened we cannot Realize God.

It is Bhagavad Gita and only Bhagavad Gita ... the most sacred Scripture in Hinduism ... the doctrine preached by Lord Krishna ... which can make us understand the concept of the cosmos in its entirety. The relationship between an atman soul and the body, the migration from one body to the another, the story of the Big Bang, the concept of Maya, the beginning less Cosmos ... and what not ... all becomes clear like ABCD.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Full text of query: Is it not possible to explain the whole good aspects of Hindu Theology, without bringing in the aspect of next birth or previous birth? The other world - Heaven or Hell cannot be definitely outside the present 'JAGAT' - the Universe. Either here or there, either as a earthworm or an Eagle or an evolved Saint does not make any difference.

Then why should one talk about births at all? Pl be kind enough to explain. ( I do not believe in the carryingover or pending business inthe Good's Kingdom. Such unresolved matters being carried over is possible obly in govt offices and Ministries).  K. back to is there life after death

Why do we Suffer in Life

Query: Why do we Suffer: Why some who have lived a sinless life die young?

Vijay Kumar:
You and your family have gone through the most excruciating experience of life ... something most of us suffer one-day or the other. Such instances make even the strongest follower of God loose patience and subsequently faith in the system of God. We feel absolutely helpless for we cannot even blame God for our sufferings.

We do not desire criticizing God yet; we feel that even God did not care for us. What causes such an untoward happening ... as we find those committing heinous crimes in the society leading a happy life. of all the people ... why only we suffered in the hands of God?

In this life ... I may not have caused even the most trivial of sins ... or even garnered a feeling of ill will towards one ... yet, I lost my dear one ... one whom we loved so much. Why does this happen ... what is that fundamental of God, which makes our world go round and round.

Bhagavad Gita ... the most sacred Scripture defines the truth ... according to Bhagavad Gita ... every body is manifested by an atman the soul within ... from the day we are born and until the evening of our lives ... whatever we might have gained in the physical world is all but left behind. Nothing belonged to us ... we merely were a trustee taking care of the property of God. As for Bhagavad Gita ... there is no reason for any hue and cry!

Such abstracts of Bhagavad Gita can be found hanging in every shop and offices. It is nice to read whatever is written in them ... but when we face it all ... the experience becomes unbearable. Whenever a person dies ... all the members of the household are involved in the final rites ... the truth is known to all ... yet, something within tells us that we might escape the dungeons of death. Why, when we have not caused or desired ill will of one ... why should God make us suffer!

Fundamentally, from the view of senses, which govern our physical manifested world, we are right in our thinking. Something ... some hidden factor ... that only can be known after having mastered the Bhagavad Gita ... is yet to be learnt!

Now I shall explain the complete chronological order so that the matter becomes clear to you in its entirety. In the system of God there is no loophole ... no shortcuts ... no excesses ... all is so streamlined that the total Cosmos (Brahmaand) runs automatically ... we never find one planet striking the other ... the rays of the sun failing to reach mother earth ... everything on our planet earth going haywire ... nothing in the Cosmos can move on its own.

Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist in his book "a brief history of time" has stated that "the system of God is disordered at some stage ... it is not so. Stephen Hawking has failed to interpret the cosmic truth ... scientists and physicists fail to grasp the absolute truth because they want to weigh Spirituality on the scales of science. In the system of God this is just not permitted for Spirituality starts where science ends.

The system of God is never disordered at any stage ... had it been so ... the whole Cosmos would have collapsed long back. The grapes are sour only because the fox could not get it. Stephen Hawking is misleading the community only because he is ignorant of the fact ... rather people may also not challenge him? Why take liberties!

Albert Einstein deeply regretted that he could not give much time for understanding of Bhagavad Gita. He regretted the fact that for the whole of his life he felt ... he could corroborate the Spiritual truths on the scales of science. He forgot that there is something beyond science ... the faith ... absolute faith in the system of God ... which only shall give us the power to understand the underlying cosmic truths.

The moment Albert Einstein tried to grasp the meaning of Bhagavad Gita not as physicists but as a humble seeker of truth ... he could understand the underlying meanings without difficulty! He finally realized that one has to have a certain level of faith in the system of God ... some laws which are beyond the comprehension of scientists and physicists ... the essence of these can only be understood only if we have absolute faith in the system of God.

None has seen Swarga Heaven, nor Naraka hell yet, most believe that after death of body ... all go to Heaven. Why this notion! Why the belief ... where is the proof. After all ... the scientific community demands proof! The process of rebirth is merely a belief ... where are the proofs ... all logistics based on senses fails us on the issue. Yet, we all know that we have an Atman (a soul) within us and it is soul the atman within, that has taken the body and not vice versa.

Without full faith in the system of God ... we cannot hope to reach the desired goal ... solve the puzzles of the cosmos. One has never seen the fragrance of a flower yet, we all believe in it. Why, because we all can feel it! None has seen God, yet we believe in him ... why, because many instances in life make us believe that there is some power in the Cosmos, which is running the whole show.

Every atman the soul within on its cosmic journey has to pass through a total of 8.4 million manifestations. The total journey comprises of 96.4 million years at the most. The transit passage of one human life of 70 ~ 80 years is so negligible in such a wide span of time. At the time of the Big Bang when all atmans souls present in the Cosmos get scattered all over the Cosmos ... the cosmic life cycle of atman soul starts.

The pure Atman as it proceeds on its cosmic journey ... needs to purify itself to come to its original pristine shape ... this is only possible after manifesting a body. If we desire to separate out one KG of pure iron from a lump of hundred KG of iron ore, then we are required to remove 99% impurities through the process of mining. This one KG of iron ore ... the pure Atman cannot cleanse itself on its own. It needs machinery in the process ... a body where it can activate the Karma.

Starting the journey as an amoeba (single cell formation), then the life of a mosquito, subsequently a tree, and then an animal and finally the shape of a human being. The journey is long ... 8.4 million lives are to be lived. From one life to another as per theory of karma ... only the residual Karma of one life passes on to the next life (through the chromosomes).

If one is born on number 48 (on the scale of one: hundred) ... then in the next life we can again be born as a human being provided the residual Karma permits us for the same. Suppose the migration from animal life to a human being occurs above number 40 then to be born as a human being we need to have at least number 41 in the balance sheet of our life ... which shall be carried over by the residual Karma.

Suppose I commit such drastic sins in present life that God awards me minus nine then at number 39 I shall only be born as an animal in the next life. and if as an animal ... one fares well ... the dog saves the life of his master then ... definitely this dog would get the body of a human being in next manifestation.

The theory of Karma is the governing factor from one manifestation to another. It so happens that suppose in the earlier life one had a very dear friend. One day while on a hunting mission ... unknowingly the arrow of another kills the son of one. In the circumstances, what do we expect from one who has suffered the death of his child. This human being in the fitness of rage shall place a wrath on his friend, saying, "In the next life ... you are also going to suffer the same way I have suffered".

Your relationship with your son in this life was only limited to this life alone. No Atman soul is directly connected with the other ... you do not know what would befall one in this life ... it is only the residual Karma of the earlier life which decides the goal in this life.

There is one possibility that people can get out of the curses of the earlier lives by doing proper pashchatapa (prayashchita). But, who knows the Mantra for the same ... also we do not know what shall befall us and when in this life so that we could take a timely precaution. One day we all of a sudden come to know that the following colleague of ours is suffering from cancer ... we are most surprised because we know that in present life this person has not committed any wrong.

Who does not know what the master of Bihar ... Laloo Prasad Yadav is up to ... it can only be the Punya Karma of the earlier lives that he enjoys life despite of all the handicaps faced by him. It is not only the Karma of this life alone that governs our life ... it is the residual Karma of the past life and the Karma of the present life combined together ... which becomes the deciding factor. The balance sheet of our life gets updated every six hours. In the long journey of 96.4 million years ... none knows ... in which manifestation ... we shall suffer what!

Here I shall narrate the story, which shall make the point absolutely clear- It so happened that a very renowned sage was passing through the domain of a kingdom whose king was always longing to increase his life ... rather he wanted to become an immortal while in the physical form. The sage was meditating beneath a tree when lieutenants of the king asked of the sage to come to the palace to give his blessings.

This sage knew the cause ... he avoided going to the palace. This sage had the power to know what was going to happen in the near future. Let us presume that the age of the sage in present life was destined to be 80 years. Presently, the sage was at 60. In spite of saying no again and again ... he had to succumb to the pressures of the kingdom. The sage came face-to-face with the king himself.

The sage already knew the purpose of the king and kept quite ... it was only after a short while in the presence of all the courtiers ... the King enquired of the sage that what his age is going to be. The sage tried his best not to answer the query but the king was adamant ... the sage blurted out that you have only two more years to live ... the moment the king heard this ... he took out his sword and beheaded the sage. This sage knew very well that he would face death at the hands of the king but it was all destined. He had to face it ... we mortals are not supposed to interfere in the working of God.

What the king expected of the sage was that he somehow could praise him and say, oh king! You are going to live forever ... you shall become immortal! So was not to happen and the sage had to leave the mortal frame untimely.

Now Atman within the body of the sage had inherited this body for a period of 80 years based on the resultant Karma of the earlier lives ... but at 60 years of age ... this Atman soul was untimely deprived of the body. Now ... what shall the consequences of this act in the cosmic world.

For us Human Beings ... a child is born who succumbs to his death at the age of 20 years. In the cosmic system nothing has gone wrong. This boy is the same sage who is required to take a new body only for the remaining 20 years of the earlier life. In the cosmic system all is foolproof ... nothing happens suddenly. But, accidents do happen which affect the present birth as happened in the case of the sage. He faced death at the age of 60 although he was destined to live up to 80 years. The sage knew that he would be taking a new body for only 20 years after the death of the present body ... for him all was but the game of destiny over which none had any control.

In the case of your son the most likely happening that may have occurred in the cosmic system is-
The friend of your son who was saved by your son may have met with an untimely death at the hands of your son in the previous life. Accidents do happen ... it is nobody's fault ... Yet, to equalize the same ... your son had to give his life in order to repay for the deeds of the earlier life.

Grieving over the death of your child would not help much but, you must console yourself and the family on the fact that such happenings are never in the control of a human being ... there must have been something which your child desired in his life ... try to fulfill that wish ... it would give you immense relief apart from Spiritual strength to bear the mortal loss. Always cherish the memories of the happier times you spent with the child ... always praying to God that wherever and in whatever manifestation your child may be ... the blessings of God may always rest with him.

With passage of time you shall reconcile to this subtle fact of life ... May God bless you and your family.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Life. For more on purpose of life- life after death story of my life visit -

Full text of query: My young 20 years old son died by drowning last year while he was saving other. Me & my family both are simple , we believe in god only. In our life we have extended help to many. My son was also very simple, brave, handsome, smart and kind hearted. Why this has happened i am unable to understand. kindly show us light. V. back to why do we suffer in life

Story of my Life

Vijay Kumar: Childhood

Born in a small Hamlet situated near the Ganges canal on the out skirts of Roorkee town in the state of Uttar Pradesh (India), Khanjarpur village is reminiscent of those glorious days when Hinduism in India was at its best. A care free life supported by loving parents was still a privilege for the poor who could not or aim for something better or higher in life! The village life nurtured in me a sense of belonging ... An inherent feeling that someday I will have to return what I gained from my parents and Mother earth. The pride I felt on being an Indian, a true Hindu after listening to the various stories of the pre-independence era inculcated in me a feeling of nationalism.

If I were to search for the real values of life later in my life then I had to be a truthful person from the beginning itself, was a feeling which existed with me at every stage of life. In my dreams I used to seat myself on the throne of King Vikramaditya and ask myself of the impurities which remained in me. This process did wonders and since my birth all misgivings I had indulged in came to my notice one by one be they small or big. Whether I had eaten some sweets unknown to all or I had spoken various lies on different occasions to gratify my wanton desires, all stood before me as if I was a living testimony to them. I prayed to God to be forgiven for all deeds committed knowingly or unknowingly in this or earlier lives. I noticed as days passed by that my conscience was getting more and more lighter ... the purity for which I had inherently longed was becoming a part of my childhood life. What a noble experience it was!

My father worked in a governed department, a kilometer away from our house. Watching him go on a bicycle made me think that I had to work hard if I were to get a bicycle ever in my life (How will I learn to ride the bicycle was the biggest question which kept ringing in my ears for years together).

My mother tongue was Hindi in which I was slightly fluent from the beginning but to think of learning English was beyond my comprehension. I never even dreamt of learning English ever. I had doubts whether one born in a village was entitled to learn English How happy I was when I declared to my mom that if I ever learn ABCD in my life then I shall distribute sweets to the whole village. That was when I was around six years of age and had a inherent feeling that someday my persistence of learning the basics of English would pay off. How optimistic I was even as a child, perhaps result of my earlier manifestations You had to have a seed of a mango plant if you want to reap mangos at a later date. The Atman (soul within me) which was to later manifest in life seemed to guide me, a grace of God which is available only to the privileged few.

Schooling :

My parents did to me what I failed to do later in my life for my own children ... my two beloved daughters. I know for absolute certain that God has in store for me much more than what I or my family would need in their lifetime but the looming clouds of ignorance makes it extremely difficult for one to see the truth in its veiled form.

I went to three-four Hindi medium schools before I got admitted to an English medium school. It was an irony of fate that Roorkee town was going to have a newly built English medium school Christened "St. Gabriel's Academy" in the precincts of the Army setup at Roorkee, the famous "Bengal Engineering and Sappers group (popularly known as BEG). Run by the Christian missionaries this school turned out to be a boon for all the residents of Roorkee. St. Gabriel's Academy was meant for boys and it had a counterpart for girls at a different location namely "St. Ann's convent".

It was in the third year of running, when my father decided to get me admitted to this school. The principal brother Julian was a true academician. When he came to know of my Hindi background he refused admission. By that time I had not even seen the school premises but my Elder brother was already studying in the school having taken admission a year before. He also was from a Hindi medium background but must have fared well in the test and interview. I had great regards for my brother as he had the knowledge of ABCD.

My father was an intelligent person. He probably read the mind of the principal and coaxed me to train well before I went to the school for the test. I was made to learn the difference between a chair and a table. Must have been more than a hundred times before I reluctantly submitted to my parents that I would fare well in the test (How deeply scared I was within cannot be explained in words but even at that young age of my life I had extreme faith in God and somehow felt that all would go well in the end).

At the time of the test inspite of all prompting I had to call a chair a table and a table a chair. My father told the principal that if asked in Hindi I would say it right but being an English medium school he was not prone to any reason. Somehow the principal agreed to give me a trial for about seven days and if I failed then I would be discontinued.

Lucky for me, the tests in Hindi got me nine and half out of 10 and the Hindi teacher took me to the principal along with the results and requested the principal to extend the time limit. On learning that I knew my tables up to 20 thoroughly but in Hindi whereas none in the class went beyond 13 was a matter of consolation for the principal. He knew that to solve a problem in mathematics it was immaterial whether one knew the tables in Hindi or English, what mattered was if the results arrived at were correct or not. Thereafter, it was no looking back.

Teenage :

I did try hard in the beginning but my inherent tendencies to seek God resulted in my getting poor grades since 9th class onwards. From sixth class onwards I was able to come second in class and maintained this position till 8th standard. In the first tests in my ninth class I scored zero in two subjects. My class teacher was flabbergasted and unable to contain herself took me to the earlier class teacher of my sixth class. Inspite of the best promptings I could not disclose to the teachers the cause of my getting below average grades.

I had switched over from mugging and cramming my lessons to understanding the basic principles and laws of every subject. Someone inherently was prompting me to follow the new path irrespective of whether or not I got good marks in various objects. This was perhaps the most difficult and the first decision ever made by me as a child without even consulting my parents or my teachers. I had to gain or loose but how was not very clear to me. Somehow I felt I would only gain and there was nothing to loose.

One thing was very clear to me that getting marks did not matter much. What mattered was the knowledge gained. A source so potential in nature that I may draw knowledge from it as and when I desired. I felt that if I continued cramming my lessons I may be considered intelligent in that particular class but what of the future when I shall have fully forgotten what I had learnt earlier.

I got caned for the zero marking. Two canes per subject from the principal who earlier appreciated my coming second in the class. Before the whole class he admonished me and advised me to study hard and maintain the old record. Again, I could not spell out the reason for such low marks. I remember taking a solemn oath within my conscience that I really would try harder and never betray the faith the principal had expressed in me nor get belittled in front of the whole class ever.

The marks of the cane remained on my hand for full seven days. It also pained reminding me that there was some virtue hidden in the new path shown by God. This was perhaps the most important dictate of God I had in my pre-college days. To obey or not to obey was as per my discretion which I left it on to God to take care.

This whole episode further strengthened my belief that there is a God and if one were to search for it sincerely, honestly and truthfully then he shall show himself. I was right in my presumption. I also became truthfully aware of the small inner voice which prompts us on the right path always.

The drag in my studies showed up when I got a compartment in a subject in the board examinations of 11 th standard. Inherently I knew I would clear the same without any hassles but for my parents it was a crucial test of time. Having appeared for the mathematics examination I knew I was going to fail but along with it followed a chain of thinking supported by God that I would definitely clear the same in my second attempt.

The fact that I would fail in mathematics was not disclosed to anybody and when the results poured in, I could see the consternation on the face of my parents trying to find out ways and means to disclose the results to a boy who was celebrating his holidays 3000 kms away from home at Cochin where my father had taken up a project. First time in my life I was to travel alone the full distance to Delhi by train. I felt sorry for my parents and assured them that I would clear the paper without much difficulty. They were relieved to know that I knew beforehand I would fail and was not shocked on seeing the results.

College days :

A lad in search of God, how he completed 12th standard, prepared for the engineering competition and cleared it with flying colors is un-imaginable. and here I was admitted as a student of civil engineering and that to in the famous University of Roorkee (formerly known as Thomason college of engineering) which stood by its name in the field of civil engineering world-wide.

To be admitted to a local university was a boon for my parents, probably they could not have afforded my studies out of the town. The invincible hand of God was there to help me all the time. Even while doing my engineering I was deeply in search of God. Somehow somewhere I had to come face-to-face to him. There was no other alternative. I had burnt all my bridges.

Precipitation :

Since 1993, ever since I gained Self Realization (Enlightenment) :

I have dedicated myself in service of mankind. Compelled to leave a thriving business & an earning sufficient for one to live comfortably & happily in a Cosmopolitan Town like Delhi, I am trying to spread message of good will to the World community through the Internet.

Having reached the end part of my Cosmic career I was full of cheer as one would be on seeing a full bloomed rose. But here I was the rose myself and there was no way to become a bud once more. All manifestations had ended. I had come out of the cyclic chain of Life and Death never to be born again as a human or any other being.

My gains:

I am able to -

Understand the Hidden Truths of all Scriptures of all Religions of the World.
Talk to 'God, the Creator' every moment of my life.
Know that all living beings have emanated from the same source 'the Brahman'.
Understand "Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads" as clear as abc
Know what are dreams
Where does one go after death
What is hell and Heaven
How a layman can conquer his desires
How can one by controlling his Karma take absolute control of his destiny & reach any bracket of his life (from a laborer to an Emperor).
Know the identity of true self "the I within".
Truth behind an atman soul manifesting a body.
The ultimate truth governing the physical World.

Being my last sojourn on Mother Earth, I have to impart the Cosmic knowledge to those who truly seek the "wisdom of the East".

No further life after death of this body ... To Emancipate forever from cycle of Birth and Death .. What can be more noble for atman the soul within.

One can within this life attain Salvation ... Become a living Mahavira, Buddha or Jesus Christ!

Those deeply interested in proceeding on a totally uncharted path of Self Realization may join the mailing list on my homepage and also consider becoming a member of World Wide Center for Self Realization (A Non profit Spiritual Organization) ... as the funds required to maintain my Internet presence will only be through the efforts of those sincere aspirants who truly desire to gain Self Realization in the present life. back to story of my life

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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