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Why Are We on the Face of Earth

Query 1: why are we living?

Query 2
: Why are we on the face of the Earth? what are ghosts? what will be of us where will we go after we are free from the cycle of Life and Death[when immortal]

Query 3
: why is the sun different from the planets.

Vijay Kumar:
I cannot make out which part of the world you are from. Born in a Muslim family you can only follow my writings only if you read them with an open mind.

Every living being is a manifested form. The real truth is atman the soul within. Atman soul has taken the body be it of a plant, animal or human being. Every atman soul has to manifest a body to cleanse itself. It cannot purify itself on its own ... It needs a body.

If we are to take out one K.G of gold from a lump of hundred K.G of gold ore ... then this lump has to pass through a certain process before it gets converted into one K.G of pure gold. 99 K.G of impurities removed ... the gold (1 K.G) shines in its glory. Similarly, Atman soul comes back to its pristine glory after manifesting 8.4 million bodies. You will realize the gold could not have purified itself on its own.

We come into this world by itself. As a human being we have no contribution to make. The evolutionary tendency inherent within every being prompts it to continue the life journey. We go on performing the Karma in one life after another.

Vijay Kumar:
After the Big Bang occurred ... all atmans in the cosmos scattered all over. These Atmans in their Cosmic journey needed a place where they could manifest themselves. After our solar system was formed ... and the environment on mother earth was conducive for life to germinate ... the Atmans (soul's) started manifesting themselves on planet Earth. and here we are ... a human being, the most learned person in the Cosmos.

There is nothing like ghosts in actual life. However, if an atman soul is not getting a body because no matching parents are available, this atman soul lives in a transitionary phase either in Heaven or hell. As Heaven and hell are located around mother earth itself, there is a possibility that the atman soul is able to project itself to the Human Beings for a short period of time. This has not been confirmed scientifically till date.

No human being can ever get immortal. Immortal is atman the soul within. The moment a person realizes god the purpose of an atman soul to manifest a body is over. It becomes free forever. It liberates itself from the cycle of birth and death. After Atman comes to its original form it goes back to Vaikuntha (the abode of god, the Creator) ... the place from where it started on its original journey.

Vijay Kumar:
Sun is the original source. From sun developed all the planets surrounding it. Sun is a small star. Sun is the relaying station through which all messages from god get passed on to every atman soul and vice versa. If the energy of the sun transmitted to planet Earth is stopped even for one week ... everything on mother earth would die. Being the source of energy ... due to Nuclear reactions energy gets generated every second. It will continue for billions of years.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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