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Palmistry, astrology, numerology are all different sciences by which people can know what is destined for them ... and if one desires to take the charge of the destiny ... one needs to break the bonds of the earlier lives ... we have to do prayashchita (pashchatapa) for the wrong deeds committed in the past lives. This is something very difficult to achieve, as one does not know the right Mantra and the procedure. Unless we burn out our Karma ... all residual Karma of past lives are reduced to ashes ... how can we ever hope that our atman the soul within shall liberate from cycle of Birth and Death forever.

Horoscopes is the end result of astrology ... given the time of our birth and the date ... the astrologers based on the readings of the horoscope are able to interpret the destiny of our present life ... horoscopes primarily confirms the fact that everything in the cosmos is nothing but energy. The human form is visible only from the senses point of view. From the angle of atman the soul within ... every human body is but a cluster of atoms and molecules. Similarly all planets and stars are also a cluster of atoms and molecules. As happens in magnetism ... the two ends of a magnet have diverse tendencies ... one is a North Pole ... it attracts and other a South Pole ... it repels.

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