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Jainism Beliefs

Who is a Jain? One who follows the Jaina traditions ... Jainism has never ever been spelled as a Religion ... it is a way of life. The word Jain was derived from the word "Jina" ... one who has won his true self ... one who has Realized God ... the knower of Brahman ... one who has come face-to-face with God. One who has become a Mahavira... Lord Mahavira never stated that that he is a son of God like Jesus Christ in Christianity... according to him every human being has the power to become a Mahavira ... the moment we remove the dross from within ... our Atman (the soul within comes back to its original pristine pure form ... it liberates forever from the cycle of birth and death... our atman the soul within becomes free forever.

By "Jina" ... in the fables we mean a genie ... one who has come out of the bottle to obey his master. What it really means is that the moment we Realize God ... we become one with God Almighty. In the famous Aladdin episode ... the moment Aladdin rubbed the ring on his finger there appeared a genie ... this simply means that having remained closed in the dungeon for a long time ... Aladdin realize the true fact of life ... he truly Realized God ... he in fact had become a genie ... when our atman the soul within starts to guide us directly then coming out of the dungeon does not remain a big task ... for now all the powers of the God are available to us to guide us on the right path.

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