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What Brought the Birth of Islam Prophet Mohammed

Query: What brought the birth of Islam?

Vijay Kumar:
Prophet Mohammed when he was a young man gained wisdom but as he could not convince the elders of his village about his achievements for it was not within the capacity of the elders to understand the cosmic wisdom of the ages... he was made to flee the village.

Every time prophet Mohammed in his younger stages tried to preach the dictates of God to the masses... the villagers stoned him and prophet Mohammed had to retire to secluded places.

More than a decade passed by and there were times when even prophet Mohammed was low in his patience. As it was willed he never lost faith in God Almighty and continued working for the mission of his life and which was... spreading the teachings of Almighty God, the Creator himself to the masses.

It so happened that once when he was hiding in a cave and was absolutely drained out of all energy and nearly succumbed to the physical pressures being faced by him he observed a small spider trying to climb to the top of the cave.

Prophet Mohammed who by that time had practically lost all hope and had very little physical strength left in him observed that this lone spider made more than hundred attempts and finally made it to the top. This was the closing point of the bargain... if a spider can make it why not I?

With renewed vigor prophet Mohammed made a last attempt and this time he was welcomed to the village as a saint... a prophet who had something to teach to the masses.

Prophet Mohammed was born. He was recognized. His followers came to be known as the followers of Islamic Dharma and this was the starting point of advent of Islam.

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