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Has God Forgiven Us for our Wrongdoing

Query 1: I read your article on how you Realise God. It is true that there is one God.I want to ask a Question? Has God forgiven us from our wrongdoings (SINS).Do you think God forgives you. How does he forgive mankind when he created mankind to be like him,during creation of the world; but we have turned away, to do what pleases us. If you know God, can you have a personal relationship with him. Can you personally lift up your needs and grievances to him? How can we have a personal relationship with God. Can God heal your sickness and disease.

Query 2
: I realise we are just Spiritual Beings in earthly bodies.As the body returns to dust the Spirit returns to God who gives it. Will your Spirit turn to a dog when you die or is it going to be a ghost. As Spiritual Beings I beleive ,a spirit of a man remains a spirit of a man.It can not become a dog, cow, rat, pig etc.

Vijay Kumar:
The Cosmos started with the Big Bang when all Atmans (the soul within) get scattered all over the Cosmos. Thereafter every atman soul is on its own self. The whole Cosmos runs on a predefined set of principles. Every atman the soul within is supposed to complete the Cosmic journey within a total of 8.4 million manifestations (a period equal into 96.4 million years).

Like the seed of a plant cannot grow on its own and has to be provided a proper atmosphere like soil, water and air etc. for it to grow, Similarly every atman the soul within has to manifest a body to purify itself of the impurities it gained on the Cosmic journey.

This body be it the body of a plant, animal or a human being has to earn Punya to rise high on the Spiritual scale by performing acts conducive to Spiritual growth. God the Creator had has always been a dhrasta (onlooker) and never indulges in any act. If a sin is committed we have to Pray to God for forgiveness.

If our Prayer is right it shall be accepted and we would be fully absolved of the sin. The biggest problem of the mankind is that we do not know what Prayers are to be offered for which sins! It is based stage when sacred Scriptures come to over help.

Every atman the soul within has taken the body and not vice versa. To think man is doing what he wants is wrong for everyone is proceeding on the Cosmic path, some will complete the journey before 8.4 million manifestations take pace and others may take full 8.4 million manifestations before they attain Moksha.

atman the soul within is not the least bonded to the body it has taken. If the Ego factor of a human being is dominating then his Cosmic journey would prolong.

One cannot have a personal relationship with God. It is only through the medium of Prayers and Meditation that one reaches God. One realizes God in the end of his journey. Every individual has to perform his own Karma. God has nothing to do with it. During the journey of life one can always take guidance and help from the Spiritual masters and the Scriptural texts available on Mother Earth

Vijay Kumar:
After the death of a human being there are only three options for Atman within to exercise - if the chromosomes of the person at the time of his death match that of any parents world-wide, and if such parents decide to have a child then the same Atman will immediately take its place in the womb of the would be Mother.

If this is not the case and atman the soul within has virtues in its collection then it will have to rest in Swarga Heaven until the time a suitable would be Mother is found otherwise atman the soul within would have to rest in Naraka hell.

Heaven and hell are intermediate stations where Atman finds solace in the intervening period. The spirit within takes the body of a dog or a human being depends upon the residual Karma at the time of the death.

Having being born as a human being one can go back to the life of a dog provided the sins committed are so heinous in nature that one cannot get the life of a human being. During the resting period if you do not get a body for a longtime then atman the soul within gets agitated and then it is known as either a good or a bad ghost.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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