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Who Came First Catholic or Protestant

Query: Who came first... Catholic or Protestant?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we delve ourselves into who came first... the Catholics or the Protestant... we need to understand the basics of Christianity. Christianity emanated after the advent of Jesus Christ. The following of Jesus Christ is known as Christianity and the followers as Christians. Those who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible are known as Catholics.

As time passes by there always develops a breed of people with different views and opinions. A collective group of people who did not fully believe whatever was written in the Bible and the sayings of Jesus Christ came to be known as Protestants. They were primarily considered protesting against the sacred writings of the Bible.

In every Religion of the world there are various sects. As time passes by these sects further get separated into sub sects and so on. For example in the Jainism Religion... the followers of Bhagwan Mahavira in its entirety are known as Digambars... Digambara Sadhus never wear a cloth. They remain absolutely naked. For them the physical body itself is a cloth for atman the soul within.

Those monks not able to practice extreme austerities strictly (as per Jainism) and started wearing bare clothes came to be known as Svetambaris. As time passed by the Digambara and the Svetambara sect further broke down into sub sects. The prime cause being difference of opinion!

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