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Query: How to know if one is not a self-proclaimed enlightened person? Whom to trust? How do we differentiate Religion with Spirituality!

Vijay Kumar:
Your question is absolutely valid ... I was giving a discourse in Pune, the cultural center of my country India. After the end of the discourse the same question was put up by an aspirant of Spirituality ... in the meanwhile one of the seekers asked me for my visiting card ... I kept quiet for some time ... I told the initial seeker of truth to give the reply on my behalf ... he kept mum!

I have my visiting cards so that people can approach me to clarify their doubts ... is it wrong on my part to get the visiting cards printed? When I had no visiting cards ... I faced such a big problem and comments from various people that, probably I consider myself too much of an egoist not wanting to print my visiting cards. How and where was I to be contacted in need!

I always come across people about one in hundred who have the same curiosity! Is it worthwhile to enquire as to why I was maintaining my identity when I had surrendered my ego on the altar of God? The question is absolutely right but again think of the masses ... they need a contact address in the times of necessity.

When a child goes to class one he is told that Ms Mary would be the class teacher ... how come this child comes to rely upon whatever is stated by the teacher ... someone must have told him ... his inner instincts would have guided him on the right path ... rather his parents would have told him of the same ... or the class teacher herself would have introduced that she is the class teacher. Now, a mere saying by the class teacher that she would function as the class teacher should not be sufficient evidence for the student to start believing in her.

But, the student is so confident that she is not willing to hear anything against her ... she is even willing to disobey her parents in this regard. How come the child comes to believe the class teacher so much? What is it that has inculcated in the child a belief that Ms Mary is the class teacher and that is final?

In the field of Spirituality one needs to develop faith in the system of God to believe things and matters much beyond the limitations of senses. Either we are a theist or an atheist! There is nothing in between the two. It is only the belief in the system of God that we believe in the sacred doctrines ... none has ever seen God yet we all believe in him. Even all atheists even though they do not believe in the existence of God have faith in the existence of a superpower, which runs the Cosmos. You need to drink water ... call it whatever you may ... Hindus call it Jal ... the followers of Islamic Dharma as Pani ... we all are drinking the same thing but the names are different.

Whether we call the Creator as God or a source of supernatural energy ... it is one and the same thing. It is only a belief that after the death of a body one goes to either Heaven or hell ... none has ever been to or seen hell or Heaven ... yet we all seem to believe in the theory. It is only a matter of faith that we believe in a system or not. In the field of Spirituality the faith develops from within ... the sweet small inner voice ... the voice of our soul the atman within ... always tells us the truth. It is this small inner voice, which tells the child that Ms Mary is to be trusted as the class teacher.

Does it mean that the student when she grows up must continue to believe that Ms Mary to be the class teacher. This student may one day become the president of the country ... yet, the regards for the class teacher (the ex-class teacher) always remain the same. For the student knows when she was a small child ... it was only Ms Mary who provided her that vital support which every child needs when starting schooling.

Every belief stems from the fact that something unknown ... something we all cannot see ... the hidden power of God ... the power of our soul the atman within is guiding us all the time. As time passes by our beliefs become stronger based on our experiences in daily life. Every article on my Website speaks of itself ... though all Articles are a direct dictation of God to me ... it has happened many times that the editor of various magazines and newspapers were not able to edit even a single word from the whole Essay.

Nothing in them speaks of untruth ... these Essays convey their own meaning ... one has to interpret them and be able to understand the underlying truth. No one in the world shall come and tell you with authority that so and so are always right and never wrong. Unless we Realize God it is an inborn trait of character that a human being continues to make mistakes. Committing a mistake is not bad ... we inherently do it ... repeating a mistake is bad! We must avoid it at all costs.

While going through my various Essays and the Glossary contained on the Website ... you have to come to a conclusion of your own ... none will be able to guide you with an authority as the sweet small inner voice of our atman the soul within ... it tells us right from the wrong. It supports and develops our power of discrimination.

Proceed on the path of spirituality as a student of class one ... believe in the facts only when you are convinced ... there shall come a stage when you shall get promoted to class two ... and so on. It is only our experience in life, which makes us believe more and more on a particular fundamental. Train yourself to hear the sweet small inner voice, which you must have experienced from time to time.

Nothing in the field of Religion and Spirituality is controversial ... whatever was stated by Jesus Christ was not wrong... only the people of his era did not want to believe in him. It was all a creation of the people with vested interests of their own. Galileo was crucified because he stated that sun was the center of the solar system and earth rotated around the sun. Was that a wrong statement ... only he was ahead of his times? Good people have to sometimes pay for the deeds committed by the downtrodden.

There are many broad-minded people who believe in every faith and Religion ... for them each and every Religion or faith is only a different path to achieve the same goal. Controversy is but a creation of people who play dirty politics all the time. Rules are created for the logistic flow of the system ... but some people come to interpret them according to their own interests. If you need to believe in someone ... you need to proceed logistically in the arguments and counter arguments within the frame of your mind ... and if you are truthful to yourself ... you shall never ever commit a mistake.

I would like you to go through most of the Essays and the words in the Glossary on my Website to clear your doubts ... slowly you shall find your way towards the absolute truth.

May God be with you all the time?

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: how are we to know if you're only a self-proclaimed enlightened person? in this time when everyone claims to know the ultimate reality, who can we trust? many people speak with a sense of authority on the issue of Religion and the majority of people cannot refute the statements because Religion/Spirituality is such a controversial, complicated and highly misunderstood field. i hope you don't feel it's a waste of time trying to convince just another individual in this world. perhaps at this time, i'm not ready to grasp truth as it is but at least tell me what i need to know to speed up my journey for now.

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