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Human Evolution Evolution vs Creation

Query: Explain the concept of Human Evolution. What is time... define time! Is time just a concept in our minds? Why we do pujas to particular gods. Why do we follow Rituals? What is the power of Mantras? What is intuition?

Vijay Kumar:
Imagine the situation at the time of the Big Bang ... all atmans souls getting scattered in the entire cosmos with a blast so potential that it is beyond the comprehension of a normal human being. This Cosmos is always and ever expanding and shall continue to do so until it again dissolves back to its original shape (the time of Pralaya ... the dissolution of cosmos). Now if we try to venture out to the extreme periphery of the ever expanding Cosmos ... the concept of time fails us ... as there is nothing beyond the boundary of the ever expanding Cosmos? There is nothing beyond the boundary of the ever-expanding Cosmos we can measure in terms of time.

The concept of time (Kaal in Hinduism) exists only within the periphery of the ever-expanding Cosmos. Not beyond. The concept of time is as real as we Human Beings! If you consider Human Beings to be pure energy then the concept of time does not hold good! For, in that case everything is energy ... and the need to measure any form on the scale of energy would not be necessitated.

If we consider Human Beings as we are ... the physical self ... the self controlled and governed by the senses and the mind ... this physical form of a Jiva (a manifest being) cannot survive without the concept of time ... in the earlier days when the clocks were not yet developed ... the life on Mother Earth was guided by movement of the planets and the sun and to some extent the stars. People used to get up with the first rays of the sun and as the sun set it was time to bid goodbye to work. The scale of measurement of time has changed but the importance of time remains valid always and ever.

Time is only a measurement ... a scale to measure the passing moments ... in the present scientific society everything would go haywire if the concept of time did not exist. The scale of time is based on the rays of the sun ... the speed of light. Albert Einstein has stated in his theory of relativity that if we develop anything about the speed of light then one could be able to travel back in time ... but it shall only remain a dream with the scientists ... such a thing ... such a happening can never manifest for it would be disturbing the cosmic system ... whatever happening has occurred ... we Human Beings (the highest manifestation on Mother Earth ... in fact in whole Cosmos) even are not permitted to interfere with the affairs of his (God Almighty).

To travel back in time is a lovely concept for storywriters and moviemakers but such a concept in the practical physical world does not exist. We Human Beings have not been able to discover antigravity till date ... what to talk of traveling back in time! The concept of time ceases for those who have Realized God ... who has become enlightened ... who have reached the end of the cycle of manifestations. Having Realized God in 1993 it was but possible for me to carry out work with such a speed that I used to often comment to my wife and two daughters that today I have carried out within 24 hours the work I used to carry out in one month ... and sometimes the work which I used to do within a year was possible for me to complete in 24 hours.

This was possible only because reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... all the clutter in the mind having vanished forever ... the 24 hours which I had at my disposal were almost equivalent to one year of the time passed by a normal human being. Sometimes I used to work for hours ... and when I saw by the watch it was only that five minutes had passed ... I never could myself understand the concept ... yet, I practiced it daily. It was only in 1995 when I came back to the mortal world for conducting my business (as willed by God I had to take care of my wife and the two daughters) did I lose my powers ... rather I surrendered them before the Almighty God until the time my daughters settle down in life.

This was the time I was acting as pure energy ... everything seemed to be under my control ... I had such tremendous power that even the president and the prime minister of the country could not have refused me ... if I had requested for some work! I hope to regain these powers in a short while from now as now I cannot go on my own ... God Almighty is beckoning me to take back the powers and complete the job for which I had manifested in this life.

Broadly speaking time is a measurement ... a scale to keep track of the past present and the future. While talking of time we cannot discuss of the astral world, as normal Human Beings do not understand the concept of the astral world ... something, which I have not experienced... I may not be able to follow! I again repeat that time is not supposed to be connected with mind ... and mind is not what we think it is. Mind of all Human Beings is one ... the source of all thoughts contained in the cosmos is known as the reservoir of Mind Plus and Mind Minus. Mine plus is the reservoir from where we invoke positive thoughts and Mind Minus is the reservoir for invoking negative thoughts. Time is also not a figment of imagination of us Human Beings ... it is not something subtle in nature ... we can definitely measure time in respect of the speed of light.

Talking of Lord Krishna... Ganesha and Shiva including all other gods ... Here you are mistaken! Lord Krishna did exist ... for I can invoke that pure energy and talk to him ... but Ganesha and Shiva are concepts to explain Spirituality in totality. For a human being who is always evolving ... it is difficult to assimilate the concept of God and Spirituality without an image of God Almighty. Whenever we talk of God ... something ... some form crystallizes in our mind ... in our thinking. Such a happening is the result of whatever we have learnt since childhood from our parents and the teachers. If at a certain stage of time someone contradicts us that we must try to imagine God without a form ... it is not practical ... rather it is not practically possible even if we close our eyes and try to concentrate on God.

It is only possible for people who have achieved a certain stage on the path of Jnana Yoga ... that they can worship the formless God ... the God who is already Nirakaar (without a form). I distinctly remember that whenever my teacher of first-class used to explain me anything which was only related to theory then it was just impossible for a child of about five years to fathom the depth of the concept being taught by the teacher ... but if a physical manifestation was put before us wherein we could visualize and count from number one to 10 then the concept would become absolutely clear to the most of the class. This is the prime reason why Rituals were so important in the earlier era. It is only through the process of Rituals that mankind ultimately realized that it is not only the Rituals that helps one getting emancipation but it is proceeding on the path of Jnana Yoga that shall ultimately help one in realizing God ... in gaining enlightenment! Rituals are the essential ingredients of the path of Bhakti Yoga ... by proceeding on the path of Jnana Yoga we are practically coming more nearer to our goal than those traveling on the path of Bhakti Yoga.

Here I would like to emphasize on the point that Lord Krishna was not a man God... he was not a man God like Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. He was an Avatar (manifest God) of the era ... even in his childhood he had so much powers that it is just not possible for a human being to gather so much of power within a lifetime ... an Avatar (manifest God) is one who can lift the society to the level of a Satyuga (the golden age) ... it is the time when a Dharma Yudha is necessitated because of the prevailing situation in the society. In the time of Krishna ... the Dharma Yudha between the Kauravas and the Pandavas became a necessity ... it was only Lord Krishna who was able to convince King Arjuna to precipitate the war of Dharma ... the Dharma Yudha (War of Dharma).

It is almost above 3600 years when Lord Krishna had manifested on Mother Earth ... time has again come when a Dharma Yudha has been necessitated between the followers of Christianity and Islam ... it shall be a fight to the finish ... both the societies will practically get annihilated! About 1200 million people will perish in this war. The World War 3 is expected shortly ... it was to have happened in 1998 but the Karma of the 6000 million people present world-wide delayed its coming ... who wants a war ... the Prayers increase and so do the happening.

The Dharma Yudha (the war of Dharma) which we shall all face In present times shall be so devastating that Albert Einstein has rightly said that, " after the third World War ... the Stone Age shall manifest on Mother Earth". He was right. The third World War would be precipitated by Bhagavan Kalki ... the modern Avatar whose arrival is awaited by many with abated breath. Bhagwan Kalki would have almost the same powers as that of Lord Krishna. He shall end the present Kali Yuga the metal age and plunge us into the golden era (the Satyuga). He shall be the mighty one who shall cleanse the society of its ills. Only after the cleansing of the society that we can hope for establishment of a Satyuga (the golden age).

Now I shall explain to you the concept of an Ishta Devta in Hinduism. Whenever we pray for gaining material riches ... we need not pray to the Almighty God, the Creator himself ... it is not the least necessary, for God Almighty only desires one thing of us ... that we shall make all attempts to attain enlightenment and subsequently Moksha Salvation within this life.

As God Almighty is a mere Dhrishta (an onlooker) and does not participate in the happenings of the cosmos ... and the destiny of every Jiva (a living being) in the whole cosmic life is governed by process of Karma ... God Almighty Creator does not interfere at any stage. God Almighty is an absolute pure form of energy ... it never manifests ... it is always Nirakaar (without a form) ... only in our Prayers we assume a form for our convenience and conceptualization.

If we desire material comforts in our life then we invoke other man gods ... we can invoke any god realized soul ... the likes of Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana ... or even the likes of man gods like Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ and prophet Mohammed. Whenever we invoke these powers to bless us ... we can ask for any boon ... and the boon if granted to us based on our Karma ... then we can definitely hope for the material riches we truly desire from our heart and for which our Ishta Devta (the enlightened one) considers us competent to receive ... meaning that we have truly earned these material riches based on the Karma of our present and the past lives ... there is nothing like desiring and wishing which can get us any material comforts ... we shall only reap what we sow ... nothing more or less!

Here I shall explain the concept giving an example which we have all read in our primary classes but were not able to understand the crux behind the story ... for the true moral of the story was even not clear to our teacher of those times.

We have already read the story of the Princess who was destined to die only if her finger got pricked at a certain age ... care was taken by the King and the Queen that no harm shall befall the Princess. This bad omen had occurred because during the time of celebrations of the birth of the Princess that the King and the Queen forgot to invite one old fairy Mother. This fairy mother felt so bad about not being invited that she put a curse on the Princess that she shall die by pricking her finger at a certain stage of time.

The King and the Queen were totally devastated ... it was not an error committed purposely ... it was destined by the divine ... none could change the future of the Princess! The wrong had been done ... to undo the curse the King and the Queen sought the help of another fairy mother. This fairy mother stated that she was not competent to completely remove the happenings of the bad omen but she can reduce its negative impact ... she also put a charm on the child that when she reaches that due age ... and after having pricked her finger ... she shall not die but go into sleep for a period of hundred years ... and the whole kingdom shall follow.

It was only after the elapse of hundred years that a charming Prince who shall happen to pass by and becoming intoxicated by the beauty of the Princess shall kiss her ... that the Princess shall again come back to her earlier form and the kingdom shall become alive with life. The practical side of the story is that while manifesting one life after another it is always possible that in some life our atman the soul within in its body form gets a curse from one of the fairy mothers ... from another atman the soul within whom we may have unknowingly brought a harm. Now unless and until we get out of the curse befalling us ... we may always face harm (something unexpected ... a bad luck) in one life or another. This is how the circle of destiny runs.

Similarly, if we seek the blessings of an Ishta Devta (a realized soul who gains Moksha) then we definitely can hope of getting a return based on our residual Karma of the present and the past lives. It is not wrong of any of us to ask for material riches for anything, which is not due to us, shall never be granted to us. So goes the theory of the Karma.

Explaining your query further ... Every living being is but a cluster of atoms and molecules ... when the death of body occurs ... soul the atman within leaves the body ... we are merely reduced to the basic ingredients ... the chemicals we are made of! This is the prime reason why every living being is getting affected by the movement of the planets circling around mother earth. Every planet contains different chemicals in different proportions ... it is said that planet Mars consists of more of iron than any other chemical. If a human being on Mother Earth has in his body an excess of iron then the iron in our body either shall be attracted towards the iron present in the planet Mars or repulsed by it.

This is as per the theory of magnetism ... either there is a North Pole or a South Pole. The North Pole repulses whereas the South Pole attracts. This property is inherent in iron. Whenever we try to bring two North Poles together there is a tendency of repulsion amongst them. We can never join them for such a happening is not possible. If we bring a North Pole near a South Pole then both attract each other and get joined. Similar happenings occur between our body and the planet Mars or any other planet for that matter.

The movement of the planets does affect us. and if an astrologer tells us that such and such thing is going to affect us negatively then we should try to remain aloof. It is purely dependent upon us how we react in the circumstances ... it is our Karma which shall decide whether we shall invoke the negativity or balance the negativity by performing pious Karma. We can always counter the negative Karma by doing equivalent positive Karma. and this is what the astrologer has suggested to you. If it is possible within our means to ward off the negative influences in our lives then we should definitely make an attempt. and in making of this attempt we may be required to follow a ritual ... a practice which shall create positive Karma in our favor. The only important aspect of following a ritual is that we must have complete faith in that particular ritual otherwise we may not benefit out of it. Rituals are practically 50 per cent faith in God Almighty and balance 50% is Karma we are required to perform!

Talking of Mantras ... we can never generalize this concept! We have one medicine for a particular ailment and another for another ailment. Similarly we have different Mantras for different cures. It can never be stated that one Mantra is more powerful than the other. Can we ever say that the form of a child when one was seven years of age was not as powerful as when we are 17 years of age ... both are different sides of the same coin! It is only the time gap, which differentiates between both the stages. The Atman (soul within) both the forms remaining the same it is only the difference of maturity between the two stages.

If I have accumulated bad Karma in my previous manifestations then in this present life I shall be born with negative Karma as my opening balance. Even God Almighty cannot change it. Only by performing suitable positive Karma can I reduce the affect of the negative Karma and subsequently build a balance of positive Karma in this life. If a person in this life is suffering from cancer then it is possible that in the earlier lives ... the bodies manifested in the earlier lives may have committed excess in one of the lives against another Atman.

This Atman may have cursed me to have a rotten body in the next life ... and so here I am in present life suffering from cancer within my whole body. If I need to get out of the problem ... I definitely need to chant the correct Mantra for seeking the pardon from Atman who was affected by my Atman soul in one of the earlier lives. Only after this Atman pardons me for the bestial act ... can I be relieved of the problem permanently. I am not stating that every living being ... rather every human being must only depend upon his faith in the Lord ... we also need to take medicines for the ailment we are suffering from apart from chanting of the Mantras but, if we know the right Mantra then we can get cured much easily an early.

I have experienced such happenings within my body ... Spiritual healing is totally dependent upon the practice of chanting of correct Mantra. All spiritual practices like Reiki and other Spiritual arts, which bring relief to us, are Mantra dependent. and Mantras are nothing but invoking the positive powers of the cosmos to counteract the negativity within us. If you say that Mantras are meant for developing the power of concentration ... it is a very vague statement. We need to be more precise. We need to understand the meaning of Meditation, Mantras and the power of the mind. Once the total concept is clear to us ... It is never difficult to practice a Mantra suiting the circumstances.

Before we can talk of the mind ... we need to take care of the five senses ... first we need to control all the five senses in totality ... and sooner we gain control over them ... the control over the power of the mind is within our reach. We can stop the incessant flow of thoughts and reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the stage of nothingness). In the process of Yoga (Meditation in English) there is nothing like pinpointing your mind ... as we remove the dross within our thinking ... so shall we reach near our goal of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (the stage of nothingness)!

It is only when there is no flow of thoughts from the reservoir of mine plus and Mind Minus that we come face-to-face with God Almighty. A stage... when one can say with hundred percent authority that I have gained control of all the five senses and the mind in totality. This is the final goal of all practitioners of Spirituality. All hermits ... all ascetics ... all spiritual practices culminate in only one goal ... reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... it is only after reaching this stage that we can have a continuous interaction with God Almighty.

Here I shall narrate an example, which shall make the meaning clearer to you- Acharya Dronacharya while giving practice of archery to Arjuna and other shishyas (students) enquired of one of them excluding Arjuna that what was visible to him of the goal he was required to pierce by his arrow. Acharya Dronacharya had hung a fish on a tree and all the Pandava kings were required to shoot the arrow in the center of the eye of the fish hanging on the tree. This was to be their target. The student replied that, he was seeing a tree, and a fish hung on it, and it was the center of the eye of the fish that he was required to pierce.

The same question was put to another student. He replied that he visualized a fish and he was required to strike the arrow in the center of the eye of the fish.

When he enquired of Arjuna of the target for the day ... Arjuna replied that the center of the eye of the fish was only visible to him ... there was nothing else where his eyes could follow in search of the target. He was right ... Arjuna was only seeing the target whereas other students were also able to see the surroundings ... the distractions which would ultimately affect the result ... they would miss their aim ... they were not totally concentrated towards their goal. If we need to accomplish a goal in life ... we need to carry all our eggs in one basket ... and see to it that not even a single egg gets broken. Only then can we expect to achieve the goal of life ... be able to concentrate on our aim ... meditate on our desires we truly wish to achieve.

To talk about intuition ... we first need to understand the meaning of intuition. Intuition simply means that our atman the soul within is trying to guide us. The body cannot experience anything whatsoever ... it is only atman the soul within, which can prompt the body to travel a certain path ... the path, which leads towards our goal. Intuitions are always prompted by our atman the soul within ... and as our atman the soul within always desires of us to proceed on the right path ... the intuitions never guide us on the wrong path ... they always guide us towards some miss happening which is expected to occur and cause us harm or even one directed towards one of our close relatives or friends. One who has developed the capability of hearing that sweet small inner voice of our atman the soul within ... is bound to have many intuitions in a day, week or a month.

Realization of God ... the Self Realization is not directly related to intuitions. But intuitions play a very affective role by proceeding on the path of spirituality. When there is always one guiding us on the right path ... we have nothing to lose or worry about. The power of atman the soul within is the highest power existing in the Cosmos next to the power of God Almighty. To realize this power ... to cross the ocean of Samsara (the process of manifesting again and again) leads us direct to God Almighty.

While proceeding on the path of Self Realization we may come across various siddhic powers wherein it is possible for some to have intuitions of past lives ... but brooding into the past ... is it really worthwhile? We have already traversed that journey ... why think of it again. in present life we are only required to concentrate on the life ahead ... it is only hoping for the materialistic gains one is after possessing different siddhic powers. It is not bad at all to gain siddhic powers but to exercise them for fulfilling wanton desires is something prohibited while proceeding on the path of true Spirituality.

If only I come to know through the siddhic powers that the best friend of mine in this life had murdered me in my earlier life (the previous manifestation) ... then what would the benefit be of gaining such siddhic powers. We are not supposed to travel into the past. Our goal of life must always be to look ahead ... only then can we hope for proceeding further step-by-step (one step ahead in every life) to our ultimate goal of life ... gaining enlightenment and finally gains moksha salvation. Gaining Self Realization is not a goal ... it is journey one has to accomplish by gaining control over the senses and the mind power ... once we reach the source of all thoughts ... all is over for us ... we Realize God that very moment.

Blessed are those who have a query ... those who do not have one will take a much longer time because it is the process of self enquiry through the process of Neti that Maharishi Ramana Realized God in his lifetime. I have reached a stage in life when I can devote the balance of my life answering the queries of the true aspirants. Never hesitate in sending a query ... the day the last query within you dissolves ... you shall Realize God. This is a stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... The stage of coming face-to-face with God.

May God bless you in your attempts!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: Can you please talk about time in your next mail. Isnt time in our individual minds? When we rise above our individual personalities and enter the dimension of the astral world, where all is one and is the same spirit......isnt time just a concept in our minds? Within the physical world isnt everything just energy as you said? Then whatis TIME?

When you talk about the various Hindu gods, like Krishna, Ganesha ,Shiva arnt they symbols or stories told to people to make them understand god and Spirituality? Isnt it our subconsious which is doing the work? For example if we pray to Laxmi, we feel that we will get money.....but isnt it oiur sub conscious which is actually doing the work? Then why are we supposed to do particualar poojas to particular gods for particular wants or to get rid of bad luck.

Also, there was this astrologer who said that I could be prone to negetive influences very easily and that I should wear a garnet ring so that I ward away any negative energiesdirected toward me. Like may be from a lemon which is lying on the road, it may not be directed toward me but I could be affected by it. Is there any meaning to stuff like that? Why do people follow Rituals?

Also can you tell me the power of Mantras? and how is it that some Mantras are more powerfull than others? I have always beleived that Mantras are for making your mind one pointed for meditating?

Can you also talk about intuition. When you say you saw god and had a dialog with him arnt you actually refering to your intuition or the spirit within which give you complete Realization of who you are and your past lives and your origin and everything?

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