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Query: If a person realizes himself does his Personal Horoscope still hold true? What is Horoscope? When you realize everthing is manifestation of one great spirit, how come you still have a personal side which carries on with the veil of illusion or Maya?

Vijay Kumar:
Self Realization is not something related to the physical manifested world ... one having Realized God ... rises much above the working of senses and the mind ... everything physically present on Mother Earth is of no use to him ... as it was to Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana. These man Gods after having Realized God ... left their mortal frame forever ... they liberated themselves from the cycle of birth and death ... free forever... never to return back and manifest a form.

Underestimating the significance of Self Realization ... always trying to find a solution to a Spiritual problem from the view of senses ... is something which is prohibited in the domain of God. Only after a person gains control of senses and also the mind completely ... does one reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi ... the stage of absolute nothingness ... the stage when all becomes calm and one can any time enter into a dialogue with God Almighty.

I shall narrate one example, which will make the concept more clear-
Two persons were fighting each other at the base of the Empire State building ... in the meanwhile one of the friends who was already in the queue for the lift got the call ... he left the fighting ... and rushed to the top floor of the Empire State building. The sooner he reached the top ... he was so mesmerized by the all-round beauty perceptible to him from such a height that when someone enquired him of his friend, he just replied, a-ha ... and continued enjoying the beauty of the nature and also the unending creations of mankind.

When he was asked, what about the fight with his friend, he replied, "fighting! For what" ... he did not even remember the matter of the fight. In the Spiritual domain the sooner we rise higher ... all trivial matters of the physical manifested world loose their remaining. Horoscopes and what not are only related to the physical manifested part of the cosmic life ... the moment one realizes god ... we are out of the clutches of even destiny ... this being our last birth ... we shall only achieve Moksha Salvation.

Here I shall narrate a very interesting part of life-
At any moment of time ... every atman soul is passing through two phases of life ... one the domain of Atman (the energy form) and another the physical manifest form of a human being ... everything in our right hand indicates whatever is destined for us in the present physical manifest form ... palmists are able to read our right hand and tell us what we can expect out of life.

The left hand indicates the complete residual balance ... of all the physical manifest forms our atman the soul within has experienced while traveling on the cosmic path. In other words left hand indicates the story of our residual Karma of all the previous lives ... palmists normally are unable to read the left hand ... it is rather a very complicated structure ... none is supposed to think of the past ... we are not supposed to indulge in matters related to our past life ... and hence the inability of the palmists! What value is of a life span of 70 to 80 years compared to the 96.4 million years of the cosmic life every atman the soul within has to pass through!

Palmistry, astrology, numerology are all different sciences by which people can know what is destined for them ... and if one desires to take the charge of the destiny ... one needs to break the bonds of the earlier lives ... we have to do prayashchita (pashchatapa) for the wrong deeds committed in the past lives. This is something very difficult to achieve, as one does not know the right Mantra and the procedure. Unless we burn out our Karma ... all residual Karma of past lives are reduced to ashes ... how can we ever hope that our atman the soul within shall liberate from cycle of Birth and Death forever.

Horoscopes is the end result of astrology ... given the time of our birth and the date ... the astrologers based on the readings of the horoscope are able to interpret the destiny of our present life ... horoscopes primarily confirms the fact that everything in the cosmos is nothing but energy. The human form is visible only from the senses point of view. From the angle of atman the soul within ... every human body is but a cluster of atoms and molecules. Similarly all planets and stars are also a cluster of atoms and molecules. As happens in magnetism ... the two ends of a magnet have diverse tendencies ... one is a North Pole ... it attracts and other a South Pole ... it repels.

In astrology it is believed ... every human being which is but a cluster of atoms and molecules gets effected by the planetary movement all around ... this results in the astrologer being able to predict correctly the position of the planets at the time of our birth. Looking at the horoscope ... the astrologer now can quite correctly predict our destiny ... based on the residual Karma at that moment of life ... he is able to indicate what is in store for us in the balance life.

Once we Realize God ... the planetary moments do not affect us as all dross having being removed ... there does not remain a North and a South Pole. One has merged his identity with the greater whole ... we have become one with God Almighty. The small part of the puzzle (the Atman) has now joined with the greater puzzle (God Almighty).

Every human being when he reaches the last leg of his life ... the 8.4 millionth manifestation ... can either leave the body immediately and attain Moksha Salvation ... or can disseminate the cosmic wisdom so learned to the masses before seeking Moksha Salvation. Both the paths are correct. The ultimate goal after the present life for a self realized soul is the same. Whether we leave the body right after the Realization or after a certain period of time is immaterial.

While I was proceeding on the path of Self Realization ... there came a day ... when God asked of me which path I want to follow ... having reached my last manifestation, the 8.4 millionth life ... do I want to leave the body immediately ... which was possible for me to do within a period of three hours ... or I wanted to disseminate the knowledge ... the knowledge of the absolute thus gained. I was told that I could take the path followed by Buddha or the Mahavira.

Gautama Buddha started in search of Self Realization and proceeded to the jungles (deep forests) absolutely naked (leaving every trace of the physical manifested world ... anything which one could call his own far behind). He did not have a Guru ... he had to introspect on his own and reach conclusions. He left his household without having burnt his Karma. He touched the feet of his wife and child while they were asleep and left the household in the naked condition. This does not absolve us of our duties towards our family and also the parents. We need to burn our Karma before we proceed on the path of Self Realization ... the ultimate goal of any life.

The mistake was committed ... Gautama Buddha had no alternative ... he was very desperate to know and understand the absolute truth. Nothing short of absolute truth would convince him. Gautama Buddha roamed the jungles in search of absolute truth ... he very persistently and patiently searched for the absolute truth ... yet, he failed to learn the absolute truth. He returned from the jungles (deep forests) back to the community with the hope that may be while living in the community he may gain Self Realization.

But it was not to be. He was finding it difficult to know the absolute truth without the help of a Guru. He tried what not ... every available means ... yet the goal was nowhere in sight. He understood the folly of his actions. He felt that it is neither in the jungles (deep forests) alone or while living in the community ... can one understand the total system of God. But finally at the end part of his life, at the right age of 81 he Realized God. He was truly fed up at that stage of life. He did not want to continue further with the ailing body and soon after gained Moksha Salvation ... leaving the mortal frame.

Gautama Buddha thus advocated the theory of middle path ... neither to the jungles nor while living in the community can one Realize God. He advocated taking the middle path ... keeping a balance between the two worlds he emphasized could lead to God Realization.

On the contrary Mahavira gained Realization at the age of 42 ... he did not desire leaving the body immediately ... he wanted to preach ... give back to the community what he had learnt ... and then leave for the final abode ... Vaikuntha (the abode of God) ... this is the place where all Atmans reside after they have liberated themselves.

Mahavira preached for a total period of about 30 years before attaining Moksha Salvation at the age of 72. When God made both the things clear to me ... I opted for the path chosen by Mahavira ... and thus I am disseminating whatever I have learnt while proceeding on the path of Self Realization. The services I provide to the world community by the grace of God is all absolutely free to mankind ... I am not supposed to levy a fee as desired by God ... I am but permitted to fulfill the basic needs of my family and those dependent upon me.

Now I shall I narrate why that small part of ego is essential for retaining the body. Having Realized God ... we have almost attained hundred percent purity ... if we leave things in the hand of God then as per the cosmic system ... our atman the soul within shall immediately have to leave the mortal frame because it is not even in the control of atman the soul within to retain the body even having attained hundred percent purity.

It is like this-
When we have separated one KG of pure silver from the lump of hundred KG of silver ore ... 99% impurities dissolved forever ... even after having attained full purity this one KG lump of silver if left in the open oxidizes and takes a black coating.

This small impurity is necessitated in the case of atman soul to maintain the physical manifest form ... lest our atman the soul within leave the body. Having Realized God I have also maintained a small level of impurity ... this small impurity is a making of my own ... I can quit the physical manifest form as and when I want to. Similarly as one KG of pure silver is not required to be passed through the mining process again for removing the outer black coating ... having gained Realization one needs to maintain small level of impurity to keep the body going. To remove the black coating ... we need to polish the one KG of lump and it shall again come back to its original shining form.

Once when someone asked of Ramakrishna Paramhansa why he was so fond of making food and serving the others ... his reply was, I am maintaining this body only by keeping my fondness for food ... otherwise, this mortal frame would have left long back. The liking for food was not for his own physical comfort but he deeply enjoyed serving the community with the food prepared by his own hands.

Having Realized God ... our ego has merged with the bigger whole. At no stage can it be stated that it was the ego of Ramakrishna Paramhansa that he had a liking for the food. It is not so. I am continuing my body not for the sake of any personal vested interest ... having devoid of any ego ... I but desire to serve the community to its logical end. For a god-realized soul ... Ignorance having removed ... the role of Maya (ignorance) comes to an end forever. Only after unveiling Maya that God Almighty gives us a darshan ... a face-to-face dialogue with God.

May God bless you in your endeavors!

Always there to clarify your queries ( send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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Full text of query: My question to you is, if a person realizes himself does his personal horoscope still hold true? Personal horoscopes only talk about things like the money you will make and who you are going to get married to etc. But when you rise above this and start looking at things from a much broader persepective and see that none of the things like marriage etc matter to you, then does it still hold true?

What is horoscope? When you realize that everthing is a manifestation of one great spirit, how come you still have a personal side left which carries on with the illusion or Maya? I sincerely hope that I have made myself clear, In anticipation to your email

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